GDPR Cookie Consent by Supsystic

GDPR Cookie Consent by Supsystic

Easy way to get GDPR Cookie Consent as per EU Cookie Law / GDPR regulations.…

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GDPR Cookie Consent by Supsystic will bring your website closer to the compliance of GDPR rules and assist you to make some settings following GDPR requirements.

Create GDPR popup for Cookie Consent, inform your visitors and block cookies until cookie consent is given. Following your site theme, create custom popup using various options and design settings. Define the kind of Agreements that you need, set and place it on website anywhere.

GDPR Compliance Features

  • Fully customizable
    Try a mountain of settings to create the popup match your website design: preset templates, popup triggers, colors, styles and fonts.
  • Define Unique Cookie Consents
    Create your own request consents for visitors that are specifically applicable to your website.
  • Popup Location
    Put the consent notice in the header or the footer, place it anywhere.
  • Hide decline button
    If you need to display โ€œAcceptโ€ button only, you can hide the โ€œDeclineโ€ button.
  • Cookie Consent management
    Your popup can be displayed with two options: decline or accept the cookie tracking. If the user choose โ€œdeclineโ€, cookie tracking codes are not loading. The users can make a choice before they visit any page of the website. Also, customers have ability to change their decision and set the cookies again. Very practical for preventing analytic plugins or social sharing button plugins.
  • Simple cookie policy popup
    You can use this plugin as a simple Cookie Policy popup, just inform the users about the cookies you use.
  • Custom link to Privacy Policy
    Show your Privacy Policy page link in the popup.

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