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Dramatically reduce image file sizes without losing quality, make your website load faster, boost your SEO and save space on your server.

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Highcompress is a powerfull tool to compress images without loosing quality.We have added many feature other than compression on our web app.
Now We decided to add wordpress plugin for it so here it is ?
Speed up your website with lighter images without losing quality.

Highcompress is the most advanced image compression tool, you can now use this power directly in WordPress.

What is Image Compression?

Learn more about image compression, check that: https://www.highcompress.com

Why use Highcompress to optimize your images?

High Compress is useful because it’s the only widely supported format that can store partially transparent images. The format uses compression, but the files can still be large. Use High Compress to shrink images for your apps and sites. It will use less bandwidth and load faster.

Highcompress can directly compress your images, you won’t have to lose time anymore on resizing your images before uploading them.

Three level of compression are available:

  • Normal, This mode provides lossless compression; your images will be compressed without any visible change up to 60%. Use this when quality is your priority rather than size. Note: The file size reduction will be less, compared to other modes.
  • High, This mode provides balanced compression of your images without any significant quality loss as well as less size, up to 70%. This will provide drastic savings on the initial weight, with a small reduction in image quality. Most of the time it’s not even noticeable.
  • Super, This mode will do maximum image compression. If your image size is big, we recommend you to use this mode. This will provide massive size reduction on images. Sometimes quality would be degraded a little. If you want to compress your image up to 90% and agree with some loss in quality of the image, use this mode.
    With the backup option, you can change your mind whenever you want by restoring your images to their original version or optimize them to another compression level.

Is Highcompress Free?

You can optimize for free up to 500 images using fist time API key after that you have to buy another key to continue our service.

Need more? Have a look at our plans: https://www.highcompress.com.

Who we are?

We are Developer behind this awesome WordPress Plugin to optimize your site.

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