Image Optimizer by 10web – Image Optimizer and Compression plugin

Image Optimizer WD enables you to resize, compress and optimize PNG, JPG, GIF files while maintaining image quality.

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Image Optimizer by 10web
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Do you have a lot of high resolution images on your website? Images on your website can significantly increase your page load time and be frustrating for your site visitors. The optimization of images will accelerate your website, as well as help you save bandwidth and storage space on your website.

Image Optimizer WordPress plugin enables you to resize, compress and optimize PNG, JPG, GIF and PDF (paid version only) files while maintaining image quality. Lossless, Lossy and Maximum Lossy (paid version only) Compression methods are available to choose from. Lossless Compression allows you to resize images without notably impacting image quality. With Lossy Compression method you’ll be able to compress images with minimal loss of quality. Overall, the image compression plugin will enable you to resize the image files up to 80%, depending on image and compression type.

The image optimizer plugin can optimize the new images you upload, but you can also optimize existing images on your website. The WordPress plugin comes with a bulk optimization option, which allows to optimize multiple images at once with a single click. The number of images you can optimize in bulk is limited in the free version of the plugin.

Choose from 3 modes of compression available in the easy mode, including conservative, balanced, extreme. You can also choose to optimize images from the Advanced mode of the plugin.

The advanced setting of the plugin allow you to convert your images to the file format that works best for you, optimize the image sizes that you want, including thumbnails.

The plugin provides statistics, so you can always know how many images were optimized, when the last optimization occurred and how much space you’ve saved in the result.

Upgrade to Paid version to add features:

  • Optimize PDF files
  • Schedule optimization to automatically compress images hourly, twice daily or daily
  • Optimize up to 250,000 images every month
  • Maximum lossy/Extreme compression