Loco Translate

Loco Translate

Translate WordPress plugins and themes directly in your browser

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Peer Comparison

# Plugin WPMeta Score Users Rating
1Loco Translate4.6700,000+4.9
2BugFu Console Debugger0.9100+5
3WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design0.91,000+5
5CopyProof Website0.9700+4.4
6BEA – Fix Loco Translate0.8100+0
7HTML Page Editor0.730+0


Loco Translate provides in-browser editing of WordPress translation files.

It also provides localization tools for developers, such as extracting strings and generating templates.

Features include:

  • Built-in translation editor within WordPress admin
  • Create and update language files directly in your theme or plugin
  • Extraction of translatable strings from your source code
  • Native MO file compilation without the need for Gettext on your system
  • Support for PO features including comments, references and plural forms
  • PO source view with clickable source code references
  • Protected language directory for saving custom translations
  • Configurable PO file backups with diff and restore capability
  • Built-in WordPress locale codes

Official Loco WordPress plugin by @timwhitlock / Tim Whitlock

More info

Coming soon

These features are on our todo list. There’s no particular timeframe for any of them and they’re in no particular order:

  • Integration with automatic translation services
  • Integration with Loco API for cloud storage and collaboration
  • Global search for finding strings across all bundles
  • Advanced Merge/Sync screen to replace the basic in-editor sync
  • Starred/Favourited bundles for quicker dashboard access

Keyboard shortcuts

The PO file editor supports the following keyboard shortcuts for faster translating:

  • Done and Next: Ctrl โ†ต
  • Next string: Ctrl โ†“
  • Previous string: Ctrl โ†‘
  • Next untranslated: Shift Ctrl โ†“
  • Previous untranslated: Shift Ctrl โ†‘
  • Copy from source text: Ctrl B
  • Clear translation: Ctrl K
  • Toggle Fuzzy: Ctrl U
  • Save PO / compile MO: Ctrl S
  • Toggle invisibles: Shift Ctrl I

Mac users can use โŒ˜ Cmd instead of Ctrl.