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Analyze how search engines and other bots crawl and understand your web page. The official PHP Wordpress plugin for log-hero.com.

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Do you want to understand how bots crawl your website? Log Hero helps you track and visualize bots, spiders, and crawlers by making them visible in real time in your Google Analytics account so that you can analyze them like human visitors.

His additional dimensions and metrics help you analyze the bot data even better. Using Log Hero, you won’t have to fetch your server logs and analyze them in a lousy UI. From now on, your logs are available in real-time in Google Analytics.

Data that you can monitor in Google Analytics

  • Page path of your crawled sites (see how often a bot crawls sites).
  • User agent (how the bot identifies himself).
  • IP addresses (only for bots, so 100% GDPR and privacy compliant).
  • Sessions and users (monitor bots and their flow as if they were human visitors).
  • HTTP status codes (monitor status codes of individual sites, find broken links, redirect chains, server failures).
  • Download times (how long the bot needs to download your content).
  • [Premium] Device category (which device category the bot used. I.e., see whether Google crawled you with the mobile or desktop bot).
  • [Premium] Bot name (Using user agent and the IP address, we check whether the bot is whom he claims he is).
  • [Premium] Request method (see what request method (PUT or GET) bots used on your site).
  • [Premium] Referral / channel (analyze through which links bots came to your site to crawl you).
  • [Premium] Location (see where the visitor or bot is from).
  • [Premium] IsBot (see at a first glance whether it’s a bot or a human).
  • [Premium] Spam detection (check how many spam bots visit your site and what type they are).
  • [Premium] Attack detection (get a warning if someone tries to attack or hack your site).

Analysis in Google Analytics

All data is safely stored in your Google Analytics account and available even if you won’t continue using Log Hero.

  • Easy filtering of your data in Google Analytics (works with regular expressions, too).
  • Advanced and fast segment analysis.
  • Real-time monitoring of your data.
  • Easy exporting of your data as Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets.
  • Analysis of large data sets through Google Analytics’ API.
  • Easy setup of dashboards and alerts.

Monitoring critical technical issues

Log Hero helps you to identify many issues concerning technical optimization of your site and can derive quick action items to resolve these.

  • Which bots crawl my site and how often?
  • Which orphan pages has my site that are never crawled?
  • Which status codes does my site return to search engines?
  • Are my robots.txt and sitemap.xml crawled by search engine bots?
  • Do search engine bots crawl my page with a desktop or mobile device?
  • How long does the bot need to download the resources of my site?
  • How many users does my normal Google Analytics system not track because they have disabled the tracker or Javascript?
  • and much more. Visit log-hero.com! for more information

Bug reports

Bug reports for Log Hero are appreciated on GitHub. Please note that GitHub is not a support forum, and issues that aren’t adequately qualified as bugs are closed.

Further Reading

For more information about logs or this plugin, visit the Log-Hero homepage.

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