Login & Register Redirect for WooCommerce

Login & Register Redirect for WooCommerce

A WordPress plugin that allows you to specify custom URL redirects for directing users after they login or register.

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With this WordPress plugin, you can redirect your users to any URL after they login or register with your WooCommerce-enabled website.

By default, WooCommerce redirects users to not so helpful pages after they login or register. In the case of users who login, they are sent to the “My Account” endpoint which immediately asks them if they want to logout. Your users literally just logged in, I can’t imagine they did so just to logout right away. Not the best user experience.

And yes, you can customize the “My Account” page, but ultimately, if you’re a store owner, you’re likely keen to engage your users and continue to monetize them; and you can’t do that effectively with the default flow.

That’s where this plugin comes in. With Login & Register Redirect for WooCommerce, you can specify one URL to redirect users after login, and you can specify another URL to redirect users after registration. You can send your users anywhere you want.

And, that’s it! It’s that easy.

Support and Feedback

If you run into any issues or bugs, or if you need the plugin to do something it doesn’t, don’t hesitate to reach out to us: support@fuji-9.com. We’re always looking to improve our plugins in any way we can.