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Give your WordPress website a speed boost and improve your SEO by compressing both old and new images. Any format, from JPG compress, PNG compression …

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A freemium easy to use, stable, quick and frequently updated image compression plugin supported by the Octify Team. ?

Increase your website’s SEO rank in Google and improve sales. Images are one of the main reasons your site is slow. Speed that up by compressing your images and seeing your page jump in the search results! Octify is light up and a simple set-up wizard takes you through everything. No need to exit your WordPress dashboard either to get free credit. Everything is done right there in your WordPress site.

Octify is a set it and forget it way to compress images, seamless optimization of all your images and bulk compress your existing images in just one click. New images are automatically optimized on the fly with no intervention required.

Octify uses minimal resources and works with any host, whether you are using a shared host at $1/month, a VPS, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, anything! It can optimize any image you have in your WordPress Media Library and works perfectly with popular image plugins.

Lossy and lossless image compression is available for all supported image types (JPG, PNG, GIF). High image compression techniques mean that you can save over 90% in file size while retaining full image quality, making Octify the number 1 image compression plugin for photographers.

Optimising images means a better user experience for your end users, faster page load times, increasing your page rank and increased conversions. How can you afford not to compress images?

Why is Octify the best choice when it comes to image compression and image optimization?

  • A server less and dynamic architecture means that we’ve maintained 100% uptime throughout development and hold that record to this day.
  • Compress JPG, PNG and GIF images with no visible loss in quality.
  • Consistently outperforms what up till now have been known as the best Image Compression plugins. Including Smush, Imageify and others.
  • No file size limit (perfect for Photographers uploading large images!).
  • Seamless image optimization on upload.
  • Option to bulk compress images with no limit on images that can be sent.
  • Optimize thumbnails and all other WordPress generated image sizes, even better these don’t count towards the optimization limits!
  • 24h support directly from the team that made Octify
  • The best image compression plugin for photographers, handles any file size and keep your EXIF data with an option to remove EXIF data if you wish.
  • Works with both HTTPS and HTTP websites
  • Run Octify on an unlimited number of sites with just one API key.
  • Safely test the plugin with the option to restore images.
  • Works perfectly for eCommerce websites using WooCommerce or other eCommerce plugins.
  • Compatible with all hosting environments, including specialist WordPress hosting companies.
  • Option to deactivate the auto optimization of images on upload.
  • Detailed image compression and image optimization reports based on per file type.
  • Free optimization for charities and non-profits.
  • Save 90% on image size with no visible loss in quality.

How much is it?

Octify comes with a 50MB image optimization limit, which is approx 250 images compressed. Additional image compression can be purchased from as little as $2.99 for 5000 images! Check out the prices Find Out More About Octify.