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"Online-Radar widget" show the number of users online. Widget sends information about the user's surfing…

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The widget displays the number of users on the site. A user is considered online if it is at least on one page.
Widget sends information about the user’s surfing to service. The service provides statistics of visits pages, rating of pages, statistics of using browsers and using search system by users also a sequence of transitions visitor.
The widget has settings the appearance and various layout options.

How It Works

After activate “Online-Radar widget” plugin widget appended on website. The widget sends AJAX to the service for store information. While the user surf on your site, he stay in online. After the loss of activity within 1 minute is considered offline. When the user returns, his session is restored.
Service of collecting information about the use of browsers, referrals and user browsing. The information is stored for three months. To view statistics and page rating, visit the “Online-Radar” service.

Available settings

The appearance of the widget to change. You can change all the colors of the widget components, text font and placement of the widget.
Change the settings on the “Online-Radar widget” settings page.

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