Phone Orders for WooCommerce

Phone Orders for WooCommerce

Easy way to take a manual/phone order in WooCommerce

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The plugin speeds up adding manual/phone orders in WooCommerce backend.

Visit “WooCommerce” > “Phone Orders”.

After creating the order, you can “View order”, “Send invoice” and “Pay order as customer” ( Pro version only ).


  • UI was adapted for keyboard input
  • Search through existing customers or add new customers quickly and efficiently
  • Search through existing products or add new products on the fly
  • Use default pricing or adjust pricing within the order
  • Ability to add coupons with auto find feature
  • Support free shipping ( method works in admin area only)

Pro features

  • Caching search results (autocomplete for Products/Customers/Orders)
  • Create new order based on existing order
  • Pause and resume the order
  • Customer search by shipping/billing fields
  • Predefine city, postal code, country and state for new customers
  • Configure fields to show while adding new customers
  • Save address details to the customer’s profile
  • Clear all items in cart with a push of a button
  • Add any additional fees
  • Set own shipping price
  • Add custom fields to the order
  • Sell products that are out of stock
  • Stop selling products without price
  • Hide new products after creation

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