PhotoBlocks – Image Photo Grid Gallery

Design your personal image gallery or photo gallery or even a portfolio using a handy…

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This is an image gallery / photo gallery / portfolio gallery / tiled gallery in just 1 plugin!
You can zoom the images thanks to a fast lightbox. Add special effects to your grid gallery.
Use our builder to create justified galleries.

Drag and drop functionality

Handy builder

PhotoBlocks Grid Builder is the stellar feature that makes PhotoBlocks special and different from other galleries.
With this tool you can design the layout of your gallery simply by dragging the images. You can make a gallery
with images spanning on more columns or rows.


  • Drag and drop builder to design custom layouts
  • Pixel perfect justified gallery
  • Lightbox to zoom photos
  • Special effects on mouse hover
  • Loading special effects
  • Social sharing
  • Captions with title and description
  • Caption positioning
  • Responsive and mobile ready
  • SEO friendly
  • Open videos on image click
  • Open pages on image click
  • Fast loading gallery
  • Full width galleries
  • Shuffle images
  • Jetpack’s Photon compatibility for high speed
  • Post galleries (premium feature)
  • CDN support for even faster image loading (premium feature)
  • Text blocks (premium feature)
  • Filters/Categories (premium feature)
  • Additional hover effects (premium feature)
  • Additional loading effects (premium feature)
  • Additional captions layouts (premium feature)
  • Handle shortcodes inside blocks (premium feature)


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  • designer portfolio photo gallery
  • photography portfolio photo gallery
  • products showcase photo gallery