Product Add-Ons WooCommerce

Product Add-Ons WooCommerce

Create Customized Product Add-Ons for WooCommerce Products to Expand Product Options for the Customer.

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Create customized Product Add-Ons for WooCommerce Products. If a Simple or Variable Product doesn’t provide the flexibility of options you need to sell a product, use Product Add-ons. You can add Product Add-Ons to only a select Product, select Category or a selection of both Products and Categories. Plus add a Product Add-on to apply to All Products in your WooCommerce Store. The Product Add-on can be shown to the customer in several ways: A Checkbox, A Radio Button, A Selection or a Text Field. Depending on your Product Add-on you can choose which style of option best fits your product requirements. How does it work? You have a t-shirt WooCommerce store. You create a product: Graphic Tee as a Variable Product with sizes: S, M, L, and XL. Use Product Add-ons to allow the customer to add a custom Text to the shirt. OR select a different Graphic image. OR Color of the Shirt. Product Add-ons can include a price too! You can decide to sell the Yellow t-shirt for a higher price than the White t-shirt selection. The possibilities are endless to use Product Add-ons to customizes what the customer can add to your product and upsell Add-On options to Products. Product Add-ons help you avoid back and forth emails after the customer purchases the Product.

Main features:

  • Add Product Add-On Groups to Simple and Variable Products
  • Apply Product Add-ons to only a select Product, select Category or a selection of both Products and Categories.
  • Plus add a specific Product Add-on to All Products in your WooCommerce Store.
  • Show Add-ons Options as Checkbox, Radio Button, Selection Drop Down or a Text Field to Customers
  • Add pricing to the Product Add-on options. Once added product price is increased by Product Add-on price in settings.
  • Compatible with Point of Sale POS for WooCommerce