Redux Framework

Redux Framework

Redux is a simple, truly extensible and fully responsive options framework for WordPress themes and plugins. Ships with an integrated demo.

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  • πŸ‘·πŸΏ We think this plugin is not actively maintained, as there are no major udpates for over a year.
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  • πŸŽ‚ This plugin is going to celebrate it's 9th anniversary after 9 months.


Redux is a simple, truly extensible and fully responsive options framework for WordPress themes and plugins. Built on the WordPress Settings API, Redux supports a multitude of field types as well as: custom error handling, custom fields & validation types, and import/export functionality.

But what does Redux actually DO? We don’t believe that theme and plugin
developers should have to reinvent the wheel every time they start work on a
project. Redux is designed to simplify the development cycle by providing a
streamlined, extensible framework for developers to build on. Through a
simple, well-documented config file, third-party developers can build out an
options panel limited only by their own imagination in a fraction of the time
it would take to build from the ground up!

Online Demo

Don’t take our word for it, check out our online demo and try Redux without installing a thing!

Use the Redux Builder to Get Started

Want to use Redux, but not sure what to do? Use our builder! It will allow you to make
a custom theme based on _s, TGM, and Redux, and any Redux arguments you want to set.
Don’t want to make your own theme? Then output a custom admin folder that you can place
in a theme or plugin. Oh and did we mention it’s free? Try it today at:

Docs & Support

We have extremely extensive docs. Please visit If that doesn’t solve your concern, you should search the issue tracker on Github. If you can’t locate any topics that pertain to your particular issue, post a new issue for it. Before you submit an issue, please read our contributing requirements. We build off of the dev version and push to when all is confirmed stable and ready for release.

Redux Framework Needs Your Support

It is hard to continue development and support for this free plugin without contributions from users like you. If you enjoy using Redux Framework, and find it useful, please consider making a donation. Your donation will help encourage and support the plugin’s continued development and better user support.

Fields Types

  • Background
  • Border
  • Button Set
  • Checkbox / Multi-Check
  • Color (WordPress Native)
  • Color Gradient
  • Color RGBA
  • Date
  • Dimensions (Height/Width)
  • Divide (Divider)
  • Editor (WordPress Native)
  • Gallery (WordPress Native)
  • Image Select (Patterns/Presets)
  • Import/Export
  • Info (Header/Notice)
  • Link Color
  • Media (WordPress Native)
  • Multi-Text
  • Password
  • Radio (w/ WordPress Data)
  • Raw (HTML/PHP/MarkDown)
  • Section (Indent and Group Fields)
  • Select (Select/Multi-Select w/ Select2 & WordPress Data)
  • Select Image
  • Slider (Drag a Handle)
  • Slides (Multiple Images, Titles, and Descriptions)
  • Sortable (Drag/Drop Checkbox/Input Fields)
  • Sorter (Drag/Drop Manager – Works great for content blocks)
  • Spacing (Margin/Padding/Absolute)
  • Spinner
  • Switch
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Typography
    • The most advanced typography module complete with preview, Google fonts, and auto-css output!

Additional Features

  • Field Validation
  • MANY translations. (See below)
  • Full value escaping.
  • Required – Link visibility from parent fields. Set this to affect the visibility of the field on the parent’s value. Fully nested with multiple required parents possible.
  • Output CSS Automatically – Redux generates CSS and the appropriate Google Fonts stylesheets for you on select fields. You need only specify the CSS selector to apply the CSS to (limited to certain fields).
  • Compiler integration! A custom hook runs when any fields with the argument compile => true are changed.
  • Oh, and did we mention a fully integrated Google Webfonts setup that will make you so happy you’ll want to cry?

Translators & Non-English Speakers

We need your help to translate Redux into your language! Redux is part of the team. To help us translate Redux create a few account here: Once you’re in, you can head over to the Redux sub-project and translate away. Thank you for your assistance.

Get Involved

Redux is an ever-changing, living system. Want to stay up to date or
contribute? Subscribe to one of our mailing lists or join us on Facebook or Twitter or Github!

NOTE: Redux is not intended to be used on its own. It requires a config file
provided by a third-party theme or plugin developer to actual do anything


  • Fixed: #3561, #3562 – Not all selectors in async typography were properly formed, causing them not to render properly on screen.


  • Updated Google font update.
  • Updated: #3447 – Updated RTL CSS. Thanks @Abolfazlrt.
  • Fixed: Duplicate ID warnings.
  • Fixed: http warnings in https environments.
  • Fixed: #3539 – Checkbox label not appearing unless ‘desc’ was set. Thanks @Enchiridion.
  • Fixed: #3547 – ace_editor not rendering properly within a subsection. Thanks @Tofandel.
  • Fixed: #3534 – Fix invalid CSS in asycn_typography (trailing commas). Thanks @ksere
  • Fixed: Spacing between Save and Reset buttons.
  • Added: #3285 – dir and url filters for customizer extension. Thanks @aaronhuisinga.
    add_filter (“redux/extension/customizer/dir”, $dir)
    add_filter (“redux/extension/customizer/url”, $url)


  • Fixed: Bypassing a WP bug where the gallery field would show a spinner on first open with no selected images.
  • Fixed: #3512 – Image select in tile mode not highlighting default.


  • Fixed: Error in AJAX save due to incorrect object reference in redux.js.
  • Fixed: Removed unused set_transient in welcome routine. It was causing slow queries.
  • Updated: Google Font update.
  • Fixed: #3440: Parent object not being properly set in the Redux filesystem.
  • Fixed: Color picker CSS issues as a result of WP 4.9.
  • Fixed: #3429 – Select2 Sortable needed jQuery Sortable dependency.
  • Fixed: Admin noticies when multiple instances of Redux running not displaying per panel.

  • Fixed: Filesystem path correction.
  • Fixed: #3414: Incorrect classname causing an error on load, via the filesystem API.
  • Fixed: #3413 – Restored old code allowing non array value for mode. This is for backward compatibility
    only and is unsupported.
  • Fixed: #3410, #3409 – Dimensions field output causing index errors when mode not set in option array.
  • Fixed: #3406 – javascript hasClass improperly used, affected customizer.
  • Fixed: Array declarations PHP 7.1 now requires.
  • Updated: Updated newsletter subscribe submit to support our newer newsletter server.
  • Fixed: #3379 – select_image field not properly displaying default. ‘default’ arg must now be the
    full path to default image.
  • Updated: Google Fonts.


  • Misspelled class name is system info compiler causing System Status to fail.
  • #3359 – Responsive issue on option panel. Too much blank space on panel in smartphone mode.
  • #2914, #3356 – Default image_select preset image not selected. This was originally by design. Now it’s a thing.
  • Update: Parsedown.php for PHP 7.x
  • Fixed: System status improperly reporting writable status on upload folder.
  • Fixed: #3124 – User submitted ‘current_user_can’ failing on PHP version <= 3.5.13. Thanks for the assist, @sourabgupta88
  • Modified: #3321 – Font subset in typography not rendering on IE and Edge (Seriously? People still use those?)
  • Modified: PHP7 compatibility.


  • Modified: #3321 – Font subset in typography not rendering on IE and Edge (Seriously? People still use those?)
  • Fixed: #3293 – Required not liking/hiding fields with switch default of ‘false’.
  • Fixed: Remove leftover var_dump from the core.
  • Fixed: Tracking and newsletter popups were failing due to broken javascript.
  • Fixed: #3291: Required with parent as an array not checking properly. Someone took out my object check!! – kp
  • Modified: Date field calander now renders on .redux-container div.
  • Updated: googlegonts.php file.
  • Modified: = and != required statements now use typesafe comparisons.
  • Fixed: link_color field now properly displays all color fields.
  • Added: link_color field now included ‘focus’ color block.
  • Modified: Re-styled link_color field to be more inline with other fields of it’s type, that is, it looks better.
  • Added: ‘title’ attribute to image_select field, since ‘alt’ was no longer working to display hover tooltip.
  • Fixed: Default data not saving correctly in sorter field.


  • Modified: Changed gitignore file to exclude sublime text files.
  • Fixed: #2966 – Translation bug. Identified and fixed by @iiandrade. Thanks!
  • Modified: Generated all CSS map files to get rid of Chrome warnings.
  • Added: Required for the Advanced Customizer thanks to @britner!
  • Modified: Various customizer fixes and changes to match new styles.
  • Modified: Customizer only code in Redux.js, moved to the customizer.js file.
  • Modified: Isolated Redux CSS to be nested and not affect other products or WP UI.
  • Added: #3222 – HUGE update by @enchiridion to allow for advanced and complicated permissions. WTG!
  • Added: New hooks for how Extension APIs are called. Much cleaner.
  • Fixed: #3214 – Typography color field not triggering compiler hook.
  • Fixed: #3201 – Index error when using compiler argument with spinner field.
  • Updated: #3189 – PHP7 compatibility for preg_replace validation.
  • Fixed: #3186 – Multi text field not removing single field when clicking “Remove”.
  • Fixed: #3180, #2641 – Button set multi mode saving incorrectly. Please check your code for a possible backward compatibility issue when using this mode. The foreach() function with an empty() check must now be used, versus individual array keys as only selected options are saved to the database.


  • Modified: Change customizer hover styles to match WP 4.7.
  • Modified: #3169 – print_r of wpdb queries in dev_mode removed.
  • Fixed: #3159 – Support for SVG in gallery media selection.
  • Fixed: #3158 – PHP warning for _validate_values function when extensions installed on PHP7.


  • Fixed: #3105 – link_color output failing due to PHP error.
  • Fixed: #3103 – WP 4.6 forces new default date format, breaking date validation.
  • Fixed: Typography subsets error due to typo.
  • Fixed: Extra dead files on repo. Bah SVN.


  • Removed Empty PHP file from editor field.
  • Modified: Replaced class primary function name in browser.php to __construct for PHP7 compatibility.
  • Fixed: #3051 – Color_RBGA field RGBA value outputting zeros when color is left blank.
  • Fixed: #3048 – Subsection tabs not including specified section class name.
  • Fixed: Incorrect string comparison result in admin link check. Thanks @ksere.
  • Fixed: Check value exists before validating when used with Metabox extension. Thanks @Enchiridion
  • Fixed: Empty values not passing to validation_callback.
  • Fixed: Javascript error in customizer javascript, preventing save of changed options.
  • Fixed: #3019 – Section descriptions incorrect when opt_name contains digits.
  • Reverted: Changes to typography. The on input variable solution was not working.
  • Fixed: Support URL has generator was failing with an error.
  • Changed: Typography field is now only ONE input variable. Should reduce our
    max_input_vars errors dramatically.
  • Fixed: Some XSS vulnerabilities only available in the backend when authenticated as a user.
  • Fixed: Deleted old deleted files stuck in our SVN repo.

  • Fixed Outdated customizer.min.js on causing customizer failure.

  • Fixed Outdated redux.min.js on causing option panel failure.
  • Fixed: #2936 – Border field outputting px with blank value.
  • Fixed: Resolved Theme-Check php shortcode false notice.
  • Modified: No more major redirect for the Redux page, only on first install with the plugin.
  • Fixed: IE11 bug in the customizer. Thanks @anikitas!
  • Fixed: Customizer path issues
  • Added: New default arguments filter by opt_name and type. ?
  • Fixed: #2903 – False positive flag in border field JS. Avast doesn’t like empty document ready statements.
  • Fixed: #2880 – More issues with the extensions_url routine.
  • Fixed: #2876 – Fixing more unvetted user contributions.
  • Modified: #2855 – Extensions now have a helper class to help composer-based installs. Thanks @2ndkauboy!
  • Fixed: #2857 – Required ‘contains’ not properly evaluating with checkboxes.
  • Fixed: #2831 – Localization was complete broken.
  • Fixed: #2832 – CSS conflicts with Rev Slider (Hey, Rev Slider guys, you don’t have to load your CSS on every admin page. Really?)
  • Fixed: Leftover debug echo line in basic customizer extension.
  • Added: EXPERIMENTAL: New parsing code in an effort to break the 1000 max_input_var issue that crops up from time to time. Thanks, @harunbasic
  • Added: EXPERIMENTAL: “Bugfix” for extension_url in an effort to make it correct. Thanks, @ottok


  • Fixed: WordPress 4.4.1 related issues.
  • Fixed: #2794 – User contributed code from #2716 did not contain isset and caused an index error.
  • Modified: Added tons of wp_remote_get handlings to stop bringing down site if Redux is down.
  • Modified: When some items appear or not. Making devs lives easier. ?
  • Updated: parsedown.php vendor code, to deal. with PHP 7.0 errors.
  • Fixed: #2774 – border fields set to 0 would disappear after saving.
  • Modified: Post/page settings on the media gallery window hidden for gallery field, since they are not applicable to Redux.
  • Added: #2728 – Filter for hints HTML. ‘redux/hints/html’. Thanks, @nyordanov.
  • Fixed: #2716 – Enqueue jquery sortable when select field is set to sortable. Thanks, @josh-rathke.
  • Fixed: #2726 – Redux fixes for WordPress 4.4.
  • Fixed: #2713 – Alerts wouldn’t disappear.
  • Fixed: #2726 – WP 4.4 breaking template.php include, because the core WP guys thought it would be hilarious to break everyone else’s stuff.
  • Fixed: Specifying ‘user’ in a field’s data argument would produce WordPress depreciation errors.
  • Fixed: Reflective XSS security fix. Thanks to Kacper Szurek for the information.
  • Modified: #2685 – Rejoined http strings to prevent errors in theme check. Trade off, INFO notices will appear. @Otto says this is ok.
  • Fixed: #2684 – Sorter not displaying (or saving) WordPress data when using the data argument.
  • Added: #2673 – WP_CLI check before welcome page redirect.
  • Fixed: #2677 – tinymce javascript errors when wp editor is disabled.
  • Modified: While in dev_mode, noticies will appear if Redux sample data in share_icons and admin_bar_links arguments is not changed.
    This became necessary because devs are not changing this data and theme ends users are coming to us for theme support.
  • Modified: Redux links to be // instead of http:// or https:// to ensure portability for secure sites.
  • Fixed: #2665 – For those who must have empty dirs in the extensions dir. No more errors.
  • Added: #2660 – Added ‘user’/’users’ data type to wordpress data arg. Thanks @golchha21.
  • Fixed: #2652 – load_plugin_textdomain using depreciated argument.
  • Fixed: Customizer preview callback working again.
  • Fixed: Issue with added plugin textdomain support.


  • Fixed: Customizer preview callback working again.
  • Fixed: last_tab argument not working.
  • Fixed: #2637 – color picker clear.
  • Fixed: #2633.
  • Fixed: #2624 – Border field saving/output 0px when no default set. Now accepts no default and outputs no CSS for blank values.
  • Fixed: color_rgba no long outputs CSS with empty color values.
  • Fixed: #2612 – pseudo classes not appending to multiple selectors in link_color output.
  • Modified: The mass data escaping of Redux Core output. Part I.
  • Fixed: #2609 – Section not folding correctly with class argument specified.
  • Fixed: #2607 – button_set required scalar check for array returned by terms in the data arg. Thanks @Enchiridion.
  • Fixed: Fixing more inconsistencies with wp_filesystem dirlist. How about some proper documentation, Otto?
  • Fixed: #2582: Added extra check for get_terms to avoid error.
  • Fixed Filesystem proxy dirlist triggering file permission errors on empty array.
  • Fixed: #2571 – Sorter adding extra disable column on new entries if ‘disabled’ is lowercase.
  • Updated Fields css for dev_mode off.
  • Updated: Updated container.tpl version.
  • Fixed: #2570 – multi-text field CSS bleeding over into WP.


  • Fixed Customizer customizer_only and customizer section overrides. Also global customizer => false was not working.
  • Added Security suggestions posed in #2543 by Julio Potier from SecuPress.
  • Fixed: ‘dirlist’ in filesystem proxy returning permission error on empty dirs.
  • Added setOption and getOption to Redux API.
  • Added ‘hide_save’ argument.
  • Added: ‘readonly’ argument for textarea.
  • Fixed: #2545 – CSS validator error output misconfigured.
  • Fixed: ACE adding escape slashes to quotes via CSS validation, causing improper error message.
  • Added: ajax_save arg for fields. Setting to false will reload the options panel when the set option has changed.
  • Fixed: #2532 – Spinner field arrow spacing off when dev_mode set to false due to missing !important CSS suffix.
  • Added: autocomplete arg to text field. This is FALSE by default.
  • Fixed: Color RGBA field missing name_suffix. Will now work in repeater extension.

  • Fixed: Index error regarding icon argument.


  • Fixed Customizer WP 4.3 final fixes.
  • Fixed #2500 – Conflict with outdated select2 in JW Player plugin.
  • Modified: icon_type no longer needed for section icons. Now detects if URLs are provided for images.
  • Fixed: Various customizer fixes. HTML in the customizer title.
  • Modified: Media URL now is 95% wide.
  • Modified: Select2 now 100% width instead of just resolve (that doesn’t always work).
  • Modified: Field enqueue method to allow for more flexibility.
  • Added: Support for Airplane Mode plugin ( by @norcross. Thanks @chriscct7 #2463
  • Fixed: Undefined index in theme-check enhancements. Thanks @winwinwebdesign!
  • Removed: SASS compiler & code. Note needed.
  • Fixed: Color transparency live-update for Customizer for color, background,
    and color gradient fields.
  • Fixed: Undefined index when removing a section.
  • Fixed: Typography bug onload always saying settings have changed.
  • Modified: Added minified customizer JS.
  • Fixed: Redux CUSTOMIZER! YEA!
  • Fixed: Small echo in Redux API

  • Fixed: Sigh, PHP 5.2 issues.


  • Fixed: Date-time fixes with CSS overloading and positioning.
  • Added: Lite support for
  • Modified: CDN to be a more bulletproof solution (
  • Modified: CDN alerts to be more clear, and have proper links.
  • Fixed: Bad code in raw field hosing up the entire panel.
  • Modified: #2436 – Validation check for any validation type ending in ‘not_empty’ now recognized.
  • Fixed: Undefined index for undeclared variable in Theme-Check checks.
  • Fixed: Annoying Redux Theme-Check notices.
  • Fixed: How some functions were called.
  • Fixed: Theme-Check baby! Everything working as it should with extra theme-check hints to prepare
    your theme for submission!
  • Fixed: Better .org hinting for theme submission.
  • Modified: forced_dev_mode_off argument that will ensure dev_mode is ALWAYS off.
    PLEASE do not ship with this enabled. We will NOT provide any support for any instance that
    has this argument enabled. Disable and test prior to posting on our issue tracker.
  • Added: customizer_only as a global arg that disables all of Redux except for the customizer, in
    preparation for our customizer integration.
  • Modified: Dissmissable Redux Admin notices now use the WP 4.2 dismiss JS and Ajax. Pretty.
  • Modified: Admin notice code is now it’s own isolated class inside core.
  • Modified: Use DB for admin notice, not flat-files. Boo.
  • Modified: Sample configs not to cause errors if multiple users use the same function name.
  • Fixed: CDN internationalization class.
  • Modified: Parsedown so as not to throw a shortcode error that didn’t actually exist.
  • Fixed: #2446 – Non google font choice not saving in certain instances.
  • Fixed: Added additional check in redux.js to stop errors with panels containing multiple raw fields.
  • Fixed: Hopefully, the issue of settings not saving on first install when using the Redux API.
  • Fixed: Set use_cdn argument to true, by default.
  • Fixed #2437 – undefined value set to blank line height.
  • Fixed: #2429 – Required evaluator ‘contains’ not working properly with multi_check
  • Fixed: #2426 – Section field not indenting.
  • Fixed: Divider field not rendering properly.
  • Added: fieldset_class argument for fields. Thanks @Enchiridion.
  • Added: Option to set checkbox label. Thanks @Enchiridion.
  • Added: javascript .trigger(‘change’) to switch, spinner, and image_select. Thanks @Enchiridion.
  • Modified: Ajax change output of error and notice via hooks.
  • Fixed: #2414 – Bad ajax save due to mis-initialized variable.
  • Fixed: CSS in metabox fields all wanky.
  • Added: ‘reload_on_change’ arg for fields, to force page reload after setting change.
  • Fixed: #2377 – Replaced mysql_gets_server_info with $wpdb.
  • Modified: Templates to properly excape values.
  • Fixed: Import/Export to properly be full-width and use lazy-load JS.
  • Modified: CSS for sections to bound to the section, not all of Redux.
  • Fixed: #2368 – Options panel layout offset.
  • Fixed: #2369 – validate_callback not working for color, color_gradient, and date.
  • Fixed: #2355 – Space missing in switch class arg.
  • Fixed: Fixed all fields without leading space in class arg.
  • Modified: Restrict table modification to redux-container.
  • Fixed: Container overflow for pre’s.
  • Modified: Redux API to include removeSection and removeField.
  • Added: Added before and after hooks to any panel template file.
  • Fixed: #2351 – WP_Error check added to admin blast remote get.
  • Modified: Moved styling for the divide field into it’s own CSS file.
  • Modified: All WP Color Pickers to properly save the value before save.
  • Added: CSS Styles for the customizer. ?
  • Modified: Panel is MUCH more responsive now.
  • Fixed: Small stylings for a few fields.
  • Fixed: Added extra qTip class.
  • Modified: Ajax save animation. Added fallback for pre 4.2 CSS.
  • Fixed: Small issue with Redux info boxes and spacing.
  • Fixed: Small bug with the Redux API where divide sections were causing errors.
  • Fixed: Small admin blast fix.
  • Modified: Qtip and Spectrum vendor libraries restored to local.
  • Fixed: Admin notice loading on front end.
  • Modified: Callback actions run with do_action_ref_array now.
  • Added: show_options_object argument to enable or disable option object.
  • Added: Error suppressing to filesystem class to avoid notice errors when site goes down.
  • Fixed: Panels not rendering, again
  • Added: Vendor support plugin link to CDN fallback message.
  • Modified: Moved vendor libraries ACE, select2, qtip, and spectrum to CDN.
  • Removed: Local installs of above libraries.
  • Fixed: Option panel not rendering due to experimental code.
  • Fixed: How sorter works with data
  • Modified: How the data arg is stored in Redux.
  • Removed: sysinfo.php. No longer needed in lieu of our support URL feature.
  • Removed: debug.php. Moved to options_object extension.
  • Modified: #2274 – PHP Unit test compatibility. Thanks @daithi-coombes.
  • Modified: #2144 – Optional class argument per image. Thanks @paulthecoder.
  • Fixed: #2278 – More W3 Total Cache hacks.

  • Fixed: #2258 – welcome redirect error with embedding plugin scenarios.
  • Fixed: Redux plugin load order when activating plugins.
  • Fixed: #2271 – stuck redirect on godaddy (seriously, get a real host, people) servers.
  • Fixed: #2216 – Reset section not always working within FF.


  • Modified: update_notice arg only truly shows up if dev_mode is on.
  • Added: Tooltip to developer mode badge, for informational purposes.
  • Modified: Added css_layout ext to default value filter, to avoid errors.
  • Fixed: #2239 – Various extensions didn’t support default values for default arg. Filtered out offending extensions.

  • Fixed: ONLY SVN mixup.


  • Fixed: #2228 – Submenu items still visible if permissions not allowed.
  • Fixed: Import/Export showing up in customizer.
  • Modified: Admin-fresh theme to match new WordPress 4.2
  • Modified: Redux widget now has a proper ID. Thanks @corradomatt!
  • Modified: Added text-shadow to submenu items to give a stronger “pop”
  • Modified: Page_slug now dynamically generated if not specified.
  • Modified: Admin blast message pinging server on each load after three day expiration. Possible slow down of the overall panel loading time.
  • Fixed: #2221 – Background field media not enqueueing when used with no other media based fields.
  • Fixed: #2214: Bad path for import/export enqueue.
  • Release: release.
  • Fixed: #2214 – Import/export field contained bad enqueue path.
  • Modified: If running localhost or WP_DEBUG is set to true, Redux dev_mode is forced to true.
  • Modified: Page_slug now dynamically generated if not specified.


  • Modified: Redux News dashboard widget appears only when dev_mode is true or in a local host environment.
  • Fixed #2127 – Elusive icons not working in footer as before.
  • Fixed Issue where Status tab not showing extension versions properly.
  • Fixed Issue in support URL not passing data correctly.
  • Fixed Support URLs now work even if max_input_vars is way low in PHP 5.3+
  • Fixed #2197 – Import/export not loading proper for those who have opted to install WordPress in ways it was never intended.
  • Fixed: ‘Generate Support URL’ feature kicking back error.
  • Fixed Sortable checkbox labels not displaying properly.
  • Fixed Sortable textbox not displaying default value as placeholder.
  • Updated: sample-config with accurate example for both sortable modes.
  • Fixed #2181 – Fixed issue with Ajax Save when PHP 5.3 Magic Quotes were disabled.
  • Fixed: #2181 – Lingering issue with Ajax Save and PHP Magic Quotes.


  • Fixed: #2181 – Issue with PHP < 5.4 and the Ace Editor field. Oy.
  • Fixed: #2163 – Undefined error in JS.
  • Fixed: #2176 – Infinite loop in the customizer for live preview of themes.
  • Fixed: Support page now works.
  • Fixed: Fix for MySQL deprecated functions in php 5.5+.
  • Added: Dynamic admin messages (aka Newsflash). Dismissable admin messages announcing breaking Redux news.
    Messages will not appear for users when dev_mode is set to false. However, messages remain active
    on localhosts, so devs may benefit.
  • Fixed: #2155 – Fixed import with ajax_save.
  • Fixed: Changelog now uses raw field parsedown if present.
  • Added: Redux Framework News Widget on the WP Dashboard.
  • Fixed: #2156: label argument not recognized when using sortable as textbox.
  • Fixed: #2140 Another PHP 5.2 issue with ajax_save.
  • Modified: Opt groups for select field now working in customizer even if not supported.
  • Added: full_width arg now makes ANY field full-width. ?
  • Fixed: #2133 – Ajax save adding extra backspashes in PHP 5.2 only (They didn’t use array map properly).
  • Fixed: Customizer wasn’t working. Thanks @sgssandhu!
  • Fixed: #2125 – Compiler not firing on first save, when using ajax_save.
  • Fixed: #2118 – Typography JS error.
  • Fixed: Odd typography bug no one has reported.
  • Modified: Sticky header and footer to remain within the redux-main container.
  • Fixed #2097 – Slash fix for ajax_save that was previously believed to be an isolated issue. Now applied on all ajax saves.
  • Fixed: #2086 – color_rgba improperly functioning when transparent mode set to false.
  • Fixed Import/Export bug where it wasn’t running.
  • Modified Locations of the core extensions directory as well as grunt configuration.
  • Fixed #2047 – Validation will now accept 0 as a value to be tested. Thanks @Ninos!
  • Added url_slug validation with option flush_permalinks!
  • Fixed Issue where the remove of background field was always showing an empty preview box.
  • Modified Turned ajax_save on by default for additional bug reports. ?
  • Modified Added some margin above validation errors/warnings so they look better.
  • Modified Removed previous element border for any section so it looks better.
  • Fixed #2081 – Section field hiding any field after. Weird.
  • Added #2047 – output_transparent argument to output the blank color feature as ‘transparent’.
  • Fixed #2080 – missing ‘rem’ unit and inability to process float values. Thanks to @HELWATANY for the fixes!
  • Fixed #2043 – misaligned images in image_select field.
  • Added: #2064 – Merge argument for image_select. Thanks @Ninos
  • Modified: Import/Export is now an extensiona and decoupled from the core.
  • Fixed: Spinner had a nasty number bug, now resolved.
  • Fixed: #2076 – RTL bug with old ID’s. Thanks @mahfoozroy.
  • Fixed: #2072 – Ajax_save editor type bug fix.
  • Fixed: #2058 – Incorrect path in include statement for sysinfo.php
  • Modified: Templates now have versioning with a warning (dev_mode only) if they are outdated from the core templates.
  • Modified: Ajax saving now has overlay during save to avoid confusion for users.
  • Modified: Template files even more for simplicity and ease.
  • Modified: Saving. Redux now has the ajax_save argument if you want it!
  • Modified: Validation warnings now work.
  • Fixed: Changed set_transient function to public to avoid errors in new templating code.
  • Modified: Entire panel template is now decoupled from the theme and implemented with many filters for easy customization.
  • Fixed: #1478 – Import/export failing when two instances if Redux in use. Thanks, @desaiuditd!
  • Fixed: Section field not indenting properly, if at all.
  • Added: #2031 – Proper CSS sanitization for compliancy with
  • Fixed: #2027 – added isset()
  • Fixed: #2019 – Reset issues with PHP 5.2. Thanks a bunch, @Webcreations907!
  • Fixed: #2023: Issue with custom submenus in menu.
  • Fixed: #2025: Issue with select sorting.
  • Update: ACE Editor. Thanks @corradomatt.


  • Fixed: Small filesystem option with bad filter key reference..
  • Added: Small return if $section filter returned the section empty.


  • Fixed: Reset section hook firing too early.
  • Modified: The Redux Repeater field has landed!
  • Fixed: #1983 – color_rgba not outputting default values on first load (before save).
  • Fixed: Google font enqueues with opt_name to avoid collision with multiple Redux instances.
  • Fixed: #1980 – JS errors with sorter & sortable.
  • Fixed: color_rgba field outputting incorrect information via output/compiler.
  • Fixed: #1979 – Goole fonts not properly loading in typography dropdown.
  • Fixed: Undefined index error on MU installs.
  • Removed: SASS compile of field CSS, for the time being. Compiler remains in core.
  • Improved: Panel load time, most notable when not in dev_mode. Better for your clients. ?
  • Updated: Elusive Font library.
  • Fixed: #1961 – color_rgba field defaulting to black on reset.
  • Fixed: #1941 – Datepicker opened off screen.
  • Fixed: #1756, #1957 – Slider issues. Thanks @FFIN!
  • Fixed: #1960 – Duplicate slide when clicking Add. Again, thanks to @FFIN for the fix.
  • Added: New filter: apply_filters ‘redux/validate/{opt_name}/before_validation’
  • Fixed: #1745 – Adding settings submenu to empty submenu now works. Many, many thanks to @No3x for cracking this one!
  • Fixed: #1955 – Undefined index rgba in output routine.
  • Modified: #1947 – Added display:none to TR tag under info field.
  • Replaced: #1951 – Replaced develop branch of scssphp to master branch due to PHP 5.2 incompatibililty.
  • Fixed: #1943 – Removed premature DIV close.
  • Fixed: #1945 – Media preview not rendering when default ID specified.
  • Modified: #1930 – reorder ‘psedo-class of link_color field. Thanks @freddessaint
  • Modified: SASS compiler outputs to page by default. Faster.
  • Fixed: #1927 – Incorrect dir path to spectrum library in color_rgba field corrected.
  • Modified: color_rgba field now usees spectrum color picker. minicolors removed. Just…too buggy.
  • Modified: #1922 – Filesystem output function.
  • Fixed: Added PHP 5.2 support (ugh!) for SASS compiler.
  • Fixed: More SASS compiler tweaking.
  • Fixed: PHP errors when disabling SASS.
  • Fixed #1909 – malformed DIV class HTML in slider field.
  • Removed Argument for SASS compile file output location removed. Didn’t work, too much trouble.
  • Fixed: #1904 – select_image field not displaying saved value on page reload.
  • Fixed: SASS compile under multi-instance outputting incorrect CSS file
  • Fixed: redux-admin scss images converted to base64
  • Added SASS compiler for admin CSS.
  • Added SASS to CSS for grunt compiler.
  • Added SASS compiler for fields.
  • Updated: select2 3.5.2
  • Fixed: #1856 – Illegal offset string warnings in framework.php. Thanks @CGlingener.
  • Fixed: #1874 – Required operator ‘contains’ and ‘not_contains’ not working with select set to multi.
  • Fixed: #1829 – Required operator ‘=’ and ‘!=’ not working with select set to multi.
  • Fixed: #1870 – Border field doubling up on px in output/compiler.
  • Added: hidden argument for fields.
  • Added: hidden argument for sections.
  • Fixed: #1868 – Improper panel render when opening expanded, when open_expanded set to true.
  • Added: hide_expand argument, to hide the expand options button.
  • Fixed: #1865 – Sortable select not saving proper order.
  • Fixed: #1864 – Footer z-index CSS adjusted.
  • Fixed: #1848 – Import-export filed buttons not functioning properly.
  • Fixed: #1834 – WordPress data dealing with IDs as array keys not rendering properly.
  • Fixed: #1830 – Font lists were added in quotes. Thanks @karimhossenbux.
  • Fixed: #1798 – Fixed lazy load JS to only load visible sections. Much more optimized.
  • Fixed: #1821 – Exo 2 font not working, issue with typography and escaping.
  • Added: #1803 – Optgroup support for select field.
  • Added: Decimal increments to spinner.

  • Added: Customizer now supports PANEL! Yay 4.0.
  • Fixed: #1789 – Customizer now properly working again with WP 4.0. Odd bug.

  • Fixed: #1670 – Fixed some extra themecheck and customizer issues.
  • Fixed: #1782 – Media field not showing files after upload? Hopefully this fixes it.


  • Fixed: #1775 – Call to undefined function is_customize_preview() in pre WP 4.0.
  • Fixed: Issue where in some cases tracking still occuring after opt-out.
  • Modified: Documentation URL.
  • Fixed: #1742 – Sidebar subsections don’t always expand.
  • Fixed: #1758 – Thanks @echo1consulting!
  • Added: ‘hidden’ to menu_type argument to allow for hidden menus until available.
  • Fixed: #1749 – Remove font-wight and font-style from css output when not in use.
  • Modified: Added the “redux/options/{$this->args[‘opt_name’]}/compiler/advanced” hook for more advanced compiling.
  • Added: Suggestions as per #1709. Thanks @echo1consulting.
  • Modified: Removed a cURL instance from the core and fixed the developer ad resizing.
  • Fixed: PHP 5.2 issues. sigh

  • Added: #1593 – Great pull request by @JonasDoebertin. Now you can enqueue dynamic output to the login screen or admin backend.
  • Fixed: Customizer wasn’t saving at all! That’s been like 4 months. No one’s reported it. Hmm.
  • Fixed: #1702 – Customizer only fields were being erased on panel save.
  • Fixed: Various Theme-Check errors with languages.
  • Added: Theme-Check class to help devs know what is what.
  • Fixed: The way we include files from include_once to require_once everywhere.
  • Modified: Language files to reflect new strings.
  • Modified: Formatted a bunch of old class files.
  • Added: Notice on the updates for non-devs to use the new dev_mode disabler plugin and notify their developer. ?


  • Modified: Updated potomo, thanks @shivapoudel.
  • Added: Grunt checktextdomain and made improvements. Thanks @shivapoudel.
  • Modified: #1685 – Specifying no default argument for image_select caused errors on reset.
  • Fixed: #1667 – Slides Upload button causing JS error.
  • Fixed: #1670 – Fix for Theme Check -> add_setting() method needs to have a sanitization callback function passed.
  • Fixed: #1661 – Fix for undefined index in some versions of PHP. Thanks @gianbalex!
  • Modified: #1658 – Improvements from @shivapoudel, including:
    • Removed makepot and used grunt-wp-i18n instead.
    • Added a jshintrc file
    • Added a grunt addtextdomain to correct any bad textdomains in the core.
    • Updated .gitignore for better readability
    • Updates to a few other files including package.json.
    • Updated language files.
    • Update codestyles/.editorconfig to reflect the project’s standards.
  • Modified: #1653 – Better admin bar with external links: Admin bar menu priority, icon, and external links. Thanks @shivapoudel!
  • Added: #1651 – library_filter argument. Allows specification of what files to display in the media library.
  • Modified: #1651 – mode argument accepts either file type or mime type (but not both).
  • Fixed: #1650 – Toogle error with responsive CSS.
  • Fixed: #1643 – Slight border issue (2px) on sticky footer.
  • Fixed: #1642 – Added font_family_clear arg, enabling the clear option for font-family.
  • Fixed: #1638 – Spacing field not outputting when units values attached to default values.
  • Modified #1644 – import_icon argument now accepts wordpress dashicons
  • Fixed: #1634 – Double border for sections field. Thanks @AlexandruDoda
  • Modified: Changelog location to now
  • Fixed: #1632 – Sortable with no defaults set revert to false (instead of options values).
  • Fixed: Labels for sortable in text mode updated to match framework.


  • Added: #1586 – Class-level declaration for callbacks and validation. Thanks @echo1consulting.
  • Modified: Typography field now fully dynamic.
  • Modified: No longer require a google_api_key for the typography module. ?
  • Fixed: FTP credentials screen giving a “undefined submit_button function”. Resolved.
  • Fixed: #1623 – Registered older noUISlider JS under a new name to avoid conflicts.
  • Modified: #1622 – Removed googlefonts.js dependency.
  • Modified: #1628 – Spacing and dimensions now only output 0 if the entry is a 0, not empty.
    Thanks @Webcreations907
  • Modified: CSS for menu items when active (no hover).
  • Added: Visual feedback to left menu if active.

  • Fixed: #1600 – ACE Editor bombing in PHP 5.2 environments.
  • Fixed: #1591 – Erroneous outputting of font-weight and font-style when no font-family selected.
  • Updated: #1569 – Improved submenu highlighting.
  • Added: #1487 – Added get_default_value function into the framework.php
  • Fixed: Framework URI errors when using child themes. Some restructuring.
  • Fixed: Framework URI errors when embedded in theme with Windows.
  • Added: image_size as an option for the data argument. Thanks @Gyroscopic!
  • Modified: How Redux paths are run. Should cover all use cases now. Child themes can also embed
    Redux properly now. Thanks @cfoellmann for the suggestions. Fix for issue #1566.
  • Modified: How we declare the uploads directory and URL. Using core WP functions now.
  • Modified: Now if a section is empty, but has subsections, that section will be “skipped” when
    clicked and the first subsection will then be shown.


  • Fixed: #1560 – IE8 RGBA fallack
  • Modified: Language files.
  • Fixed: #1543 – Hint icon not changing when set in args.
  • Fixed: #1537 – Media field not accepting images with mode set to false.
  • Fixed: #1529 – ACE Editor conflict with Visual Composer.
  • Added: #1530 – Added argument to specify admin bar icon, admin_bar_icon. Thanks Ninos!
  • Fixed: #1532 – Media field not accepting any mime type when 'mode' => false.
  • Fixed: #1520 – Checkbox field not displaying WordPress data when using data argument.
  • Fixed: #1516 – Invalid index and foreach when using compiler and async_typography.
  • Fixed: #1509 – Sorter adding unnecessary bits on some items.
  • Fixed: #1514 – Customizer and multisite not getting on properly.
  • Fixed: #1512 – Slides ‘Upload’ button not showing or saving selected image.
  • Fixed: Checkboxes with required were working in reverse.
  • Fixed: ASync Typography now works! No more flashing fonts.
  • Fixed: #1489 – Color picker UI lining up improperly.
  • Fixed: #1497 – dev_mode spinner issue.
  • Fixed: Spelling error in tracking dialog.
  • Modified: Updated ace_editor.
  • Modified: Many MANY fields for the group field.
  • Fixed: Some CSS bugs.
  • Fixed: #1481 – Custom fonts loading in google font CSS.
  • Fixed: #1485 – Customizer ‘invalid argument’ error. Thanks @rnlmedia.
  • Fixed: #1472 – font style not displaying saved valie with no font-family argument set.
  • Fixed: #1471 – raw field and required not playing nice together.


  • Added: An annoying notice at the top so our devs don’t ship with dev_mode on. ?

  • Fixed: #1462 – Google fonts not loading in font drop down.

  • Fixed: More WP FileSystem tanking. Did PHP fallback before FTP. Works 99.9% of the time without credentials.

  • Fixed: Incorrect folder CHMOD in filesystem class.

  • Fixed: #1454 – Chmod permissions for redux folder.

  • Fixed: #1451 – Googlefonts not loading due to failing copy function.

  • Fixed: #1450 – Saves witch values with no on or off args make the core unhappy.

  • Fixed: #1444, again, due to filesystem growing pains.
  • Fixed: #1449 – Restoring options argument over a lousy attempt to fix placeholder.

  • Fixed: More file permission issues.

  • Fixed: Font debug was left from last commit. Sorry all.


  • Fixed: Issues with file writing. Basically many users don’t install WordPress with all the permissions
    correct. So… Had to move it back to ~/uploads/. Sorry Otto, that’s just how it is.
  • Fixed: #1444 – output of typography all_styles when font_style UI was hidden.
  • Fixed: #1440 – flaw in new cleanFilePath logic.
  • Fixed: #1432 – Theme check failing when double-slashes existed in get_template_directory() return.
  • Removed: curlRead from helper class.
  • Fixed: #1426 – menu_name not appearing on front end admin bar.
  • Added: #1427 – button_set added to customizer UI. Thanks @wpexplorer.
  • Fixed: #1429 – ACE Editor erroring with no default value set.
  • Fixed: wp_filesystem now initialized with credentials in an effort to combat the tmp file issue.
  • Modified: Code purification.
  • Modified: How section tabs work. Isolated within the redux-container class.
  • Modified: #1412 – Redesigned text label, placeholder fix.


  • Fixed: #1408 & #1357 – Typography subsets losing value after multiple saves on other panels.
  • Fixed: #1403 – unit value no longer prints after empty typography values
  • Modified: Typography: Backup font no longer appends to font-family variable. Please use the
    backup-font variable to specify backup fonts. This does not apply to output/compiler strings.
  • Fixed: #1403 – Backup font not appearing in font-family variable.
  • Modified: Customizer now supports section and field permissions argument.
  • Fixed: #1399 – Customizer respects page_permissions argument.
  • Fixed: #1400 – output/compiler string incomplete using multiple selectors.
  • Fixed: #1396 – Custom fonts cutting off multiple families in selector, after save.
  • Fixed: Typography attempting to queue up non google fonts on backend.
  • Added: #1395 – Display of child theme status in sysinfo, thanks @SiR-DanieL.
  • Fixed: #1387 – Page jump when clicking “Options Object”. Thanks @rrikesh.
  • Added: #1392 – Filters to change the following localized strings:
  • Fixed: #1376 – checkbox.min.js missing.
  • Fixed: Static variable changes for instances and basic comment cleanup
  • Fixed: #1361 – Raw field not hiding with required.
  • Fixed: Datepicker not formatting properly. Still needs some work.


  • Fixed: #1357 – Preview not rendering font on page load.
  • Fixed: #1356 – Color fields and transparency not syncing due to new JS.
  • Fixed: #1354 – Add class check for W3_ObjectCache.
  • Fixed: #1341 – JS not initializing properly in import_export.
  • Fixed: #1339 – Typography would lose Font Weight and Style. value was named val in the
    HTML, so it would be destroyed on the next save if not initialized.
  • Fixed: #1226 – W3 Total Cache was affecting validation and compiler hooks.
  • Fixed: Menu errors weren’t showing properly for non-subsectioned items.
  • Fixed: #1341 – Import/Export buttons not functioning. Also fixed sortable somehow.
  • Fixed: Slides not initializing with the last fix.
  • Fixed: Slides field was not properly initialized for the media elements. Fixed.


  • Fixed: #1337 – redux JS dependency loading issue. Many thanks @tpaksu
  • Modified: Drastically changed the way JavaScript is used in the panel. Forced as-needed
    initialization of fields. Thus reducing dramatically the overall load time of
    the panel. The effects have been seen up to 300% speed improvement. The only
    time a field will be initialized is if it’s visible, thus reducing the processing
    needed in DOM overall.
  • Fixed: #1336 – fixed default font in preview.
  • Fixed: #1334 – Typography not un-saving italics.
  • Added: #1332 – New validation: numeric_not_empty.
  • Fixed: #1330 – Required not working on all fields.


  • Fixed: #1322 – Sections not folding with required argument.
  • Fixed: #1270 – Editor field compiler hook not firing in visual mode.
  • Fixed: select2 dependency in select_image, and other fields.
  • Fixed: Filter out @eaDir directories in extensions folder.
  • Fixed: Fixed the image_select presets to work again. Also now will function even if import/export is disabled.
  • Fixed: Minor tweaks for metabox update.
  • Fixed: #1297 – Missing space in image_select class.
  • Fixed: Slider field tweaked for metaboxes.
  • Fixed: #1291 – Change of font-family would not trigger preview, or show in open preview.
  • Fixed: #1289 – Typography not retaining size/height/spacing/word/letter spacing settings.
  • Fixed: #1288 – Background color-picker dependency missing. Thanks @farhanwazir.
  • Fixed: Search extension failed do to dependency issue from the core.
  • Fixed: #1281 – color field output/compiler outputting incorrect selector when only one array present.
  • Fixed: Update check only appears once if multiple instances of Redux are loaded in the same wordpress instance.
  • Fixed: Changing font-family in typography didn’t trigger ‘save changes’ notification.
  • Fixed: More typography: Back up font appearing in font-family when opening selector.
  • Fixed: Typography: undefined message when NOT using google fonts. Thanks @farhanwazir
  • Fixed: Typography font backup not in sync with font-family.
  • Fixed: Typography not saving font-family after switching back and forth between standard and google fonts.
  • Fixed: Background field selects not properly aligned.
  • Fixed: Removed select field dependency from background field.
  • Fixed: #1264 – Color-picker/transparent checkbox functionality.
  • Fixed: Typography fine-tuning.
  • Fixed: All typography select fields render as select2.
  • Fixed: Switching between transparency on and off now restores the last chosen color in all color fields.
  • Fixed: Redux uploads dir should NOT be ~/wp-content/uploads, but just wp-content. As per Otto.
  • Fixed: Navigation no longer has that annoying outline around the links. Yuk.
  • Fixed: #1218 – Select2 multi select not accepting any keyboard input.
  • Fixed: #1228 – CSS fixes
  • Added: hide_reset argument, to hide the Reset All and Reset Section buttons.
  • Added: content_title argument to slides field. Thanks @psaikali!
  • Added: customizer_only argument for fields & sections, contributed by @andreilupu.
  • Added: select2 args for spacing field.
  • Added: select2 args for the following fields: typography, background, border, dimensions and slider.
  • Added: #1329 – 'preview' = array('always_display' => true) argument to typography, to determine if
    preview field show always be shown.
  • Modified: Portions of core javascript rewritten into object code.
  • Modified: All field javascript rewritten using jQuery objects (versus standard function).
  • Modified: Typography field rewritten to fill out font-family field dynamically, versus on page load.

  • Modified data => taxonomies now has a little more power behind it.
  • Fixed: #1255 – button_set multi field not saving when all buttons not selected.
  • Fixed: #1254 – Border field with 0px not outputting properly.
  • Fixed: #1250 – Typography preview font-size not set in preview.
  • Fixed: #1247 – Spacing field not outputting properly in absolute mode.
  • Modified: Typography previewing hidden until font inputs are changed.
  • Fixed: Vendor js not loading properly when dev_mode = true
  • Fixed: Border field not outputting properly.
  • Modified: Centralized import/export code in anticipation of new builder features.
  • Fixed: Removed rogue echo statement.
  • Modified: select2 loads only when a field requires it.
  • Modified: More code to load JS on demand for fields require it.
  • Modified: Field specific JS only loads with active field.
  • Fixed: Hints stopped working due to classname change.
  • Fixed: Permissions argument on section array not filtering out raw field.
  • Fixed: Too many CSS tweaks to list, due to last build.
  • Fixed: Sortable and Sorter fields now sort without page scroll when page size is under 782px.
  • Fixed: Hint icon defaults to left position when screen size is under 782px.
  • Fixed: permissions argument for fields and sections erasing saved field data. See #1231
  • Modified: Woohoo! Nearly fully responsive. Yanked out all SMOF and NHP field customizations. Lots of little
    fixes on all browser screens. This will also greatly benefit Metaboxes and other areas of Redux.
  • Fixed: In dev_mode panel CSS was being loaded 2x.
  • Fixed: Typography color picker bleeding under other elements. #1225
  • Fixed: Hint icon_color index error from builder. #1222


  • Added: Network admin support! Set argument ‘database’ to network and data will be saved site-wide. Also
    two new arguments: network_admin & network_sites for where to show the panel.
  • Added: Customizer hook that can be used to simulate the customizer for live preview in the customizer.
  • Added: output argument for color and color_rgba fields accepts key/pairs for different modes.
  • Added: class argument to the Redux Arguments, section array, and metabox array. If set, a class will
    be appended to whichever level is used. This allows further customization for our users.
  • Added: disable_save_warn flags to the arguments to disable the “you should save” slidedown.
  • Added: Actions hooks for errors and warnings.
  • Fixed: Redux now ignores any directories that begin with . in the extension folder. See #1213.
  • Fixed: Redux not saving when validating uploads.
  • Fixed: Border field output/compiler formatting. Removed ‘inherit’ in place of default values. See #1208.
  • Fixed: Trim() warning in framework.php when saving. See #1209, #1201.
  • Fixed: Typography not outputting all styles when all_styles set to true.
  • Fixed: ‘Cannot send header’ issues with typography.
  • Fixed: Small fix for validation if subsection parent is free of errors, remove the red highlight when not
  • Fixed: Small CSS classes for flashing fonts where web-font-loader.
  • Fixed: ASync Flash on fonts. FINALLY. What a pain.
  • Fixed: 3+ JavaScript errors found in the background field. Now works flawlessly.
  • Fixed: PHP warnings in background field. #1173. Thanks, @abossola.
  • Fixed: CSS validation not respecting child selector symbol. #1162
  • Fixed: Extra check for typography bug.
  • Fixed: Error css alignment issue with subsections.
  • Fixed: javascript error in typography field.
  • Fixed: Added a title to the google fonts stylesheet to fix validation errors.
  • Fixed: One more slides field error check, and an extra JS goodie for an extension.
  • Fixed: Leftover debug code messing up slides field.
  • Fixed: More reliable saved action hook.
  • Fixed: Removed erroneous debug output in link_color field.
  • Modified: Dimension field default now accepts either units or unit.
  • Modified: Google CSS moved into HEAD via WP enqueue.
  • Modified: Now do a trim on all fields before validating. No need to alert because of a space…
  • Modified: Typography field CSS completely rewritten. All thanks to @eplanetdesign!
  • Modified: Validation now works in metaboxes as well as updates numbers as changes occur. Validation for
    subsections is SO hot now.
  • Modified: Various CSS fixes and improvements.
  • Modified: Turned of mod_rewrite check.
  • Modified: How errors are displayed, no longer dependent on the ID, now proper classes.
  • Modified: Error notice stays until all errors are gone. Also updates it’s number as errors fixed!
  • Modified: Moved google font files to proprietary folder in upload to help with permission issues.


  • Fixed: Formatting of field files. Normalizing headers.
  • Added: is_empty / empty / !isset AND not_empty / !empty / isset as required operations
  • Fixed: Reset defaults error.
  • Added: show argument to turn on and off input boxes in slider.
  • Fixed: Required now works with muti-check fields and button set when set to multi.


  • Fixed: Import works again. A single line was missed…
  • Fixed: link_color field not outputting CSS properly via compiler or output. Thanks @vertigo7x
  • Fixed: Sorter field CSS. Buttons were all smushed together.
  • Fixed: ‘undefined’ error in typography.js. Thanks @ksere.


  • Fixed: Another stray undefined index. Oy.
  • Added: open_expanded argument to start the panel completely expanded initially.


  • Fixed: Various bad mistakes. Oy.


  • Fixed: Slight typography speed improvement. Less HTML hopefully faster page loads.
  • Fixed: Unload error on first load if the typography defaults are not set.
  • Fixed: Errors pertaining to mod_rewrite check.
  • Fixed: All those headers already set errors.
  • Added: $changed_values variable to save hooks denoting the old values on a save.
  • Added: Pointers to Extensions on load.
  • Modified: CSS Output for the background field.
  • Fixed: Validation error messages not appearing on save.
  • Modified: Speed boost on validation types.
  • Added: Apache mod_rewrite check. This should solve many issues we’ve been seeing regarding mod_rewrite
    not being enabled.
  • Fixed: Sortable field not saving properly.
  • Fixed: Erroneous data in admin.less
  • Updated: sample-config.php. Sortable checkbox field example now uses true/false instead of text meant for
    textbox example.


  • Fixed: Responsive issues with spacing and dimension fields.
  • Fixed: Style conflicts with WP 3.9. Added register filter to fields via id.
  • Fixed: Metaboxes issues.
  • Fixed: Compiler hook in the customizer now passes the CSS.
  • Fixed: Compiler hook now properly fires in the customizer.
  • Fixed: Validation error with headers already being set.
  • Fixed: Added mode for width/height to override dimensions css output.
  • Fixed: Restoring lost formatting from multiple merges.
  • Fixed: New sorter default values get set properly now. ?
  • Fixed: Removed erroneous ‘s’ character from HTML.
  • Fixed: Info field didn’t intend within section.
  • Fixed: Compiler hook wasn’t running.
  • Modified: Some admin panel stylings. Now perfect with mobile hover. Also fixed an issue with the slidedown
    width for sections. No more 2 empty pixels.
  • Added: data and args can now be set to sorter! Just make sure to have it be a key based on what you
    want it to display as. IE: array('Main'=>'sidebars')
  • Added: Prevent Redux from firing on AJAX heartbeat, but added hook for it ‘redux/ajax/heartbeat’.
  • Added: Tick mark if section has sub sections. Hidden when subsections expanded.
  • Added: Check to make sure a field isn’t empty after the filter. If it is empty, skip over it.
  • Added: Subsections now show icon if they have it. Show text only (without indent) if they do not.
  • Added: Set a section or field argument of 'panel' => false to skip over that field or panel and hide it.
    It will still be registered with defaults saved, but not display. This can be useful for things
    like the customizer.
  • Added: SUBSECTIONS! Just add 'subsection' => true to any section that isn’t a divide/callback and isn’t
    the first section in your panel. ?


  • Fixed: Small bug in image_select javascript.
  • Added: Import hook, just because we can. ?
  • Fixed: Customizer preview now TRULY outputs CSS even if output_tag is set to false;
  • Fixed: Reset section, etc. Discovered an odd WordPress thing.
  • Fixed: Image_select size override.
  • Fixed: Customizer save not firing the compiler hook.
  • Fixed: Customizer not outputting CSS if output_tag is set to false.
  • Fixed: Small empty variable check. Undefined index in the defaults generating function.
  • Fixed: WP 3.9 update made editor field button look ugly.
  • Fixed: Save hook not firing when save_default set to false.
  • Fixed: Reset section anomalies. Maybe.
  • Fixed: Array of values in required not recognized.
  • Fixed: Updated hint defaults to prevent index warning.
  • Fixed: Removed leftover debug code.
  • Added: New readonly argument for text field.
  • Fixed: Reset/Reset section actions hooks now fire properly.
  • Fixed: When developer uses section field but does not specify an indent argument.
  • Fixed: Dynamic URL for slides
  • Fixed: Accidently removed reset action on section reset. Restored.
  • Fixed: Section defaults bug for certain field types.
  • Fixed: Dynamic URL if site URL changed now updates media properly if attachement exists.
  • Fixed: Customizer now correctly does live preview.
  • Fixed: Special enqueue case fix.
  • Added: A few more hooks for defaults and options.
  • Fixed: Small undefined index error.
  • Added: Section key generation via title.
  • Modified: File intending.
  • Fixed: Custom menus not displaying options panel.
  • Fixed: Single checkbox option not retaining checked value.
  • Fixed: Border field returning bad CSS in CSS compiler.
  • Fixed: Import/Export fix. Thanks, @CGlingener!


  • Added: Save warning now is sticky to the top and responsive.
  • Fixed: Mobile fixes for Redux. Looks great on small screens how.
  • Fixed: Slight CSS fixes.
  • Fixed: Compiler fixes and added notices.
  • Added: Import/Export more reasonable text.
  • Added: force_output on the field level to bypass the required check that removes the output if the field is hidden. Thanks @rffaguiar.
  • Fixed: Fully compatible with WordPress 3.9. Now it just works. ?
  • Fixed: Info and divide field now work with required.
  • Added: Fallback. Now if the media, slides, or background URL doesn’t match the site URL, but the attachment ID is present, the data is updated.
  • Fixed: Last tab not properly set. Slow rendering.
  • Modified: Replaced transients with cookies. Less DB queries.
  • Fixed: Undefined variable issues for new required methods.
  • Fixed: Default_show display error with a non-array being steralized.
  • Added: Multiple required parent value checking! Booya!
  • Fixed: Sections now fold with required.
  • Fixed: select2 not rendering properly when dev_mode = false, because of ace_editor fix.
  • Fixed: Removed mistakenly compiled test code from redux.js.
  • Fixed: ace_editor not rendering properly in certain instances.
  • Modified: Small change to import_export field in checking for existing instance of itself.
  • Fixed: import_export not rendering when the menutype argument was set to menu
  • Fixed: Ace_editor not enqueued unless used. MEMORY HOG.
  • Fixed: Color_Gradient transparency to was being auto-selected if from way transparent.
  • Fixed: Enqueue select with slider for local dev.
  • Modified: removed add_submenu_page when creating a submenu for us in the WP admin area. WP approved API is used in it’s place to being Redux up to theme check standards.
  • Fixed: Massive speed issue with button_set. Resolved.
  • Fixed: Issue where default values throws an error if ID is not set.
  • Fixed: Continuing effort to ensure proper loading of config from child themes.
  • Fixed: Import/Export array search bug if section[‘fields’] is not defined.
  • Fixed: Inconsistencies in import/export across different versions of PHP.
  • Fixed: Redux checks for child or parent theme exclusively before loading.


  • Fixed: Typography custom preview text/size not outputting.
  • Fixed: No font selected in typography would default to ‘inherit’.
  • Fixed: Hint feature kicking back a notice if no title was specified.
  • Fixed: Sortable field, when used a checkboxes, were all checked by default, even when set not to be.
  • Fixed: button_set field not setting properly in multi mode.
  • Fixed: Javascript console object not printing options object.
  • Fixed: Load errors from child themes no longer occur.
  • Fixed: Compiler output for slider field.
  • Fixed: update_check produced a fatal error on a local install with no internet connection.
  • Fixed: Compiler hook failing on slider.
  • Fixed: Error on update_check when the response code was something other than 200.
  • Fixed: image_select images not resizing properly in FF and IE.
  • Fixed: Layout for the typography field, so everything isn’t smushed together. The new layout is as follows:
  • Fixed: link_color field showing notice on default, if user enters no defaults.
  • Fixed: Fixed tab notice in framework.php if no tab parameter is set in URL.
  • Fixed: Hide demo hook wasn’t hiding demo links.
  • Added: Admin notice for new builds of Redux on Github as they become available. This feature is available on in dev_mode, and may be turned off by setting the update_notice argument to false. See the Arguments page of the wiki for more details.
  • Added: text-transform option for the typography field.
  • Added: Newsletter sign-up popup at first load of the Redux options panel.
  • Added: Added PHP 5.2 support for import/export.
  • Added: Action hooks for options reset and options reset section.
  • Added: Theme responsive for date picker.
  • Added: New slider. Better looking UI, double handles and support for floating point values. See the wiki for more info.
  • Added: Typography improvements.
  • Added: Hints! More info:
  • Added: Complete WordPress admin color styles. Blessed LESS/SCSS mixins. ?
  • Added: Font family not required for the typography module any longer.
  • Added: Support for using the divide field in folding.
  • Added: Error trapping in typography.js for those still attempting to use typography with no font-family.
  • Added: Full asynchronous font loading.
  • Added: email_not_empty validation field.
  • Modified: Typography word and letter spacing now accept negative values.
  • Modified: Typography preview shows spaces between upper and lower case groupings.
  • Modified: Google font CSS moved to header so pages will pass HTML5 validation.
  • Modified: Removed Google font CSS line from header (because it’s in the footer via wp_enqueue_style.
  • Modified: RGBA Field stability. Thank you, @SilverKenn.
  • Modified: Separated Import/Export from the core. It can now be used as a field.
    [family-font] [backup-font]
    [style] [script] [align] [transform]
    [size] [height] [word space] [letter space]
  • Reverted: email validation field only checks for valid email. not_empty check moved to new validation field.


  • Fixed: Improper enqueue in tracking class.
  • Fixed: Few classes missed for various fields.
  • Fixed: Spacing field kicking back notices and warnings when ‘output’ wasn’t set.
  • Modified: Added file_exists check to all include lines in framework.php
  • Fixed: Background field now works with dynamic preview as it should.
  • Fixed: Extension fields now enqueueing properly.
  • Added: Text-align to typography field.
  • Fixed: Servers returning forwards slashes in TEMPLATEPATH, while Redux is installed embedded would not show options menu.
  • Fixed: On and Off for switch field not displaying language translation.
  • Fixed: email validation allowing a blank field.
  • Fixed: Now allow for empty values as valid keys.
  • Added: Dismiss option to admin notices (internal function)


  • Fixed: Servers returning forwards slashes in TEMPLATEPATH, while Redux is installed embedded would not show options menu.
  • Fixed: On and Off for switch field not displaying language translation.
  • Fixed: email validation allowing a blank field.
  • Added: Dismiss option to admin notices (internal function)
  • Fixed: On and Off for switch field not displaying language translation.
  • Fixed: email validation allowing a blank field.
  • Added: Dismiss option to admin notices (internal function)


  • Fixed: CSS spacing issue
  • Fixed: Customizer now works and doesn’t break other customizer fields outside of Redux.
  • Fixed: Several minor bug fixes
  • Added: Metabox support via extension
  • Added: Admin-bar menu
  • Fixed: Section field now folds.
  • Fixed: wp_content_dir path now handles double forward slashes.
  • Fixed: Typography field missing italics in Google fonts.
  • Fixed: Default color in border field not saving properly.
  • Fixed: hex2rgba in class.redux_helpers.php changed to static.
  • Fixed: ‘sortable’ field type not saving options as default.
  • Fixed: Specified default color not set when clicking the color box default button.
  • Fixed: Sorter field options are now saved as default in database.
  • Fixed: Issues with checkboxes displaying default values instead of labels.
  • Fixed: Outstanding render issues with spacing field.
  • Fixed: Plugins using Redux from load failure.
  • Fixed: ‘not_empty’ field validation.
  • Fixed: Media field.
  • Added: ‘read-only’ option for media text field.
  • Added: ‘mode’ option to image_select, so CSS output element may be specified.
  • Added: Admin Bar menu for option panel.
  • Modified: media field ‘read-only’ to ‘readonly’ to vonform to HTML standards.
  • Modified: Removed raw_align field and added align option to raw field. See wiki for more info.
  • Removed: EDD extension. It never belonged in Core and will be re-released as a downloadable extension shortly
  • Removed: Group field, temporarily.
  • Removed: wp_get_current_user check. See


  • Typography font arrays may not contain comma spaces.
  • Merge in pull request – 542, code cleanup and better readability
  • Change how HTML is output to support metaboxes
  • CSS only on pages that matter, better checks.
  • font-backup in typography now appends to font-family in output and compiler.
  • More fixes for Google font css outputting.
  • Addded output and compiler to field_image_select. Images will be output as ‘background-image’.
  • Fixed output in field_background.
  • Prevent standard fonts from outputting to Google fonts CSS call.
  • class_exists in field_section checking for incorrect classname.
  • sample_config fix.
  • Compiler not outputting CSS without output set to comthing other than false.
  • Google fonts not rendering on frontend.
  • Rewrote sample_config as a class


  • Fixed error in redux-framework.php.
  • Added select_image field.


  • Fixed a few undefined variables
  • Removed old code from the repo.
  • Fix for validation.
  • Remove the compiler hook by default.
  • Fix to sortable field.
  • Added an extra check for link color. Removes user error.
  • Localization updates.
  • Error in slides.
  • Fixed the info box bug with spacing and padding.
  • Fixed the first item in each section having WAY too much padding. ?
  • Fixed section reset issue where values weren’t being saved to the db properly.


  • Feature – Sortable select boxes!
  • Feature – Reset a section only or the whole panel!
  • New Field – RGBA Color Field!
  • Improvement – Use of REM throughout.
  • Fixed Typography – Fix output option and various small bugs.
  • Fixed Border – Fix output option and various small bugs.
  • Fixed Dimensions – Fix output option and various small bugs.
  • Fixed Image_select – Various small bugs.
  • Fixed Slides – Various small bugs.
  • Fixed Sortable – Using native jQuery UI library same as within WordPress.
  • Fixed Slider and Spinner Input Field – Values now move to the closest valid value in regards to the step, automatically.
  • Fixed Ace Editor
  • FEATURE – All CSS/JS files are compiled into a single file now! Speed improvements for the backend.
  • Fix in how WordPress data is received, improved some output.
  • Fix for various fields not triggering fold/compiler/save.
  • Fixed elusive icons to use the new version and classes.
  • Fixed media thumb to only be the thumbnail version.
  • Fixed admin https error with WordPress core not renaming URL.
  • Placeholders throughout the framework are now properly there.
  • Feature – Setting to not save defaults to database on load.
  • Fixed – Computability issue with GT3 builder.
  • Fixed localization issue with default values.
  • Language – Added Russian
  • Feature – Media now can have any content type passed in to limit content types.
  • Allow negative values in typography and other fields.
  • WordPress 3.8 computability.
  • CSS validation issue.
  • Feature – User contributed text direction feature.
  • EDD Extension now fully function for plugins or themes.
  • Removed get_theme_data() fallbacks, we’re well pass WordPress 3.4 now. ?
  • A ton of other small updates and improvements.


  • Fix Issue 224 – Image Select width was breaking the panel.
  • Fix Issue 181 – Broken panel in firefox
  • Fix Issue 225 – 0px typography bug. Thanks @partnuz.
  • Fix Issue 228 – Resolved a duplicated enqueue on color_link field. Thanks @vertigo7x.
  • Fix Issue 231 – Field spacing bug fixes.
  • Fix Issue 232 & 233 – Dimensions: bug fix with units and multiple units. Thanks @kpodemski
  • Fix Issue 234 – Pass options as a ref so validating actions can modify/sanitize them. Thanks @ZeroBeeOne
  • Fix Issue 222 – Tab cookie function wasn’t working.
  • Feature – Pass params to Select2. Thanks @andreilupu
  • Fix Issue 238 – Fix for conditional output. Thanks @partnuz.
  • Fix Issue 211 – Google Web font wasn’t loading at first init of theme.
  • Fix Issue 210 – Elusive Icons update. Changed classes to force use of full elusive name.
  • Fix Issue 247 – Media thumbnails were not showing. Also fixed media to keep the largest file, but display the small version in the panel as a thumb. Thanks @kwayyinfotech.
  • Fix Issue 144 – JS error when no item found in slider.
  • Fix Issue 246 – Typography output errors.
  • Feature & Issue 259 – Multi-Text now support validation!
  • Fix Issue 248/261 – Links color issue. Also fixed color validation.
  • Feature & Issue 262 – Now registered sidebars can be used as a data type.
  • Fix Issue 194/276 – Custom taxonomy terms now passing properly. Thanks @kprovance.
  • Feature & Issue 273 – Argument save_defaults: Disable the auto-save of the default options to the database if not set.
  • Feature – Docs now being moved to the wiki for community participation.
  • Issue 283 – Date placeholder. Thanks @kprovance.
  • Issue 285 – HTTPS errors on admin. Known WordPress bug. Resolved.
  • Fix Issue 288 – Float values now possible for border, dimensions, and spacing.
  • Feature – Media field can now accept non-image files with a argument being set.
  • Fix Issue 252 – Post Type data wasn’t working properly. Thanks @Abu-Taymiyyah.
  • Fix Issue 213 – Radio and Button Set wasn’t folding.


  • Feature – Added possibility to set default icon class for all sections and tabs.
  • Feature – Make is to the WP dir can be moved elsewhere and Redux still function.
  • Added Spanish Language. Thanks @vertigo7x.
  • Fix Issue 5 – Small RGBA validation fix.
  • Fix Issue 176 – Fold by Image Select. Thanks @andreilupu.
  • Fix Issue 194 – Custom taxonomy terms in select field.
  • Fix Issue 195 – Border defaults not working.
  • Fix Issue 197 – Hidden elements were showing up on a small screen. Thanks @ThinkUpThemes.
  • Fix issue 200 – Compiler not working with media field.
  • Fix Issue 201 – Spacing field not using default values.
  • Fix Issue 202 – Dimensions field not using units.
  • Fix Issue 208 – Checkbox + Required issue.
  • Fix Issue 211 – Google Font default not working on page load.
  • Fix Issue 214 – Validation notice not working for fields.
  • Fix Issue 181/224 – Firefox 24 image resize errors.
  • Fix Issue 223 – Slides were losing the url input field for the image link.
  • Fix – Various issues in the password field.
  • Fixed various spelling issues and typos in sample-config file.
  • Initialize vars before extract() – to shut down undefined vars wargnings.
  • Various other fixes.


  • Version push to ensure all bugs fixes were deployed to users. Various.


  • Feature – Completely redone spacing field. Choose to apply to sides or all at once with CSS output!
  • Feature – Completely redone border field. Choose to apply to sides or all at once with CSS output!
  • Feature – Added opt-in anonymous tracking, allowing us to further analyze usage.
  • Feature – Enable weekly updates of the Google Webfonts cache is desired. Also remove the Google Webfont files from shipping with Redux. Will re-download at first panel run to ensure users always have the most recent copy.
  • Language translation of german updated alone with ReduxFramework pot file.
  • Fix Issue 146 – Spacing field not storing data.
  • Fix – Firefox field description rendering bug.
  • Fix – Small issue where themes without tags were getting errors from the sample data.


  • Hide customizer fields by default while still under development.
  • Fix Issue 123 – Language translations to actually function properly embedded as well as in the plugin.
  • Fix Issue 151 – Media field uses thumbnail not full image for preview. Also now storing the thumbnail URL. Uses the smallest available size as the thumb regardless of the name.
  • Fix Issue 147 – Option to pass params to select2. Contributed by @andreilupu. Thanks!
  • Added trim function to ace editor value to prevent whitespace before and after value keep being added
  • htmlspecialchars() value in pre editor for ace. to prevent html tags being hidden in editor and rendered in dom
  • Feature: Added optional ‘add_text’ argument for multi_text field so users can define button text.
  • Added consistent remove button on multi text, and used sanitize function for section id
  • Feature: Added roles as data for field data
  • Feature: Adding data layout options for multi checkbox and radio, we now have quarter, third, half, and full column layouts for these fields.
  • Feature: Eliminate REDUX_DIR and REDUX_URL constants and instead created static ReduxFramework::$_url and ReduxFramework::$_dir for cleaner code.
    Feature: Code at bottom of sample-config.php to hide plugin activation text about a demo plugin as well as code to demo how to hide the plugin demo_mode link.
  • Started work on class definitions of each field and class. Preparing for the panel builder we are planning to make.


  • Fixed how Redux is initialised so it works in any and all files without hooking into the init function.
  • Issue #151: Added thumbnails to media and displayed those instead of full image.
  • Issue #144: Slides had error if last slide was deleted.
  • Color field was outputting hex in the wrong location.
  • Added ACE Editor field, allowing for better inline editing.


  • Fixed an odd saving issue.
  • Fixed link issues in the framework
  • Issue #135: jQuery UI wasn’t being properly queued
  • Issue #140: Admin notice glitch. See
  • Use hooks instead of custom variable for custom admin CSS
  • Added “raw” field that allows PHP or a hook to embed anything in the panel.
  • Submenus in Admin now change the tabs without reloading the page.
  • Small fix for multi-text.
  • Added IT_it and RO_ro languages.
  • Updated readme file for languages.


  • Fixed Issue #129: Spacing field giving an undefined.
  • Fixed Issue #131: Google Fonts stylesheet appending to body and also to the top of the header. Now properly placed both at the end of the head tag as to overload any theme stylesheets.
  • Fixed issue #132 (See #134, thanks @andreilupu): Could not have multiple WordPress Editors (wp_editor) as the same ID was shared. Also fixed various styles to match WordPress for this field.
  • Fixed Issue #133: Issue when custom admin stylesheet was used, a JS error resulted.


  • Improvements to slides, various field fixes and improvements. Also fixed a few user submitted issues.


  • Backing out a bit of submitted code that caused the input field to not properly break.


  • Initial plugin release.


Redux is now hosted on! Update in order to get proper, stable updates.