Simple Share Buttons Adder

Simple Share Buttons Adder

A simple plugin that enables you to add share buttons to all of your posts and/or pages.

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Peer Comparison

# Plugin WPMeta Score Users Rating
1Simple Share Buttons Adder4100,000+4.4
2ShareThis Share Buttons1.310,000+3.9
3Ultra Light Social Share Buttons0.9300+4.8
4ShareThis Reaction Buttons0.960+1
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7Fastest Share Buttons0.820+5


The Simple Share Buttons Adder does exactly what it says – adds share buttons to all of your posts and pages, simply.

The new β€œModern Share Buttons” tab are CSS-based settings which allow you more flexibility when it comes to customizing your Share Buttons, Icon and Icon Hover colors! You have the option to use our predefined CSS themes or your own custom CSS.

This plugin has a dedicated website! Check out

You can even upload and use your own custom images if you wish!

The Simple Share Buttons Adder utilizes features that, as a WordPress user, you will be familiar with. A self-explanatory administration screen will have you showing your Share Buttons on your posts and pages in no time!

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