Starfish Reviews Lite

Starfish Reviews Lite

Encourage your customers to leave 5-star reviews on Google, Facebook, Yellow Pages, and more. Starfish Reviews is the #1 review marketing plugin for W …

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  • πŸŽ‚ This plugin celebrated it's 3rd anniversary 2 weeks ago.

Peer Comparison

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2Starfish Reviews Lite1.170+5
3TRUSTist REVIEWer0.990+0
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5WP Ultimate Reviews FREE0.4 4
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Reputation Management & Review Marketing for Everyone!

Starfish Reviews Lite by Starfish WP Plugins enables reputation management campaigns on your WordPress website. Encourage positive, 5-star ratings and reviews while capturing negative reviews for internal improvement.

Send the Starfish “funnel” URL to your customers, users, followers, audience, etc and ask for feedback. The Starfish Reviews “funnel” will ask users how they feel about your site. If they like it, they’ll be sent to whatever URL you set in the settings. This should be a link to the reviews section of wherever you want to get 5-star reviews. It could be your Google My Business listing, Facebook Page, Yelp listing, TripAdvisor page, podcast on iTunes, a digital product on an online marketplace, or a book on Amazon. Get 5-star reviews at any of those locations and many more! Anywhere that takes online reviews.

If people are not so happy with your product, service, media, etc, they’ll be asked to provide feedback directly to you. This helps offset people’s natural tendancy to only post reviews when they’re upset, or when they’ve totally misunderstood the purpose of the review. You’ll still learn what you can do to improve, but it won’t be published permanently for the whole world to see.

Want More Features, Funnels, & Control?

If you like this plugin but want to do more with it, check out Starfish Reviews premium editions. You’ll get all these awesome features:
* Priority support
* Multiple review destinations so people can select where they want to leave the review
* Multiple funnels for different campaigns or locations
* Auto-forward to review destination
* Disable review β€œgating” to comply with Google’s new policy
* Display a logo
* See your overall rating based on analytics
* Analytics of positive vs negative feedback
* Customize wording of all prompts and buttons
* Insert via shortcode into any page or post
* Customize the funnel’s URL
* Manage feedback
* Vote on new features