Team Showcase with Slider

Team Showcase with Slider

Team Showcase is a powerful but easy to represent your team/staff members and their profiles with animated & beautiful styled descriptions, skills …

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Team Showcase is a powerful but easy to represent your team/staff members and their profiles with animated & beautiful styled descriptions, skills and links to social media.

Team Showcase offers you to add an owl carousel type grid slider containing team members name, designation, description, unlimited label and unlimited custom link with social media.


The plugins is fully responsive. Each member can be edited. When create or edit a team member, you will be able to add links to contact email, phone number, links to social media( facebook, linkedin, twitter, google plus, instagram, linkedin etc).

Quick Links

Moreover, it is a highly customizable plugin. You can change colors, font sizes, spacings etc. from powerful, yet concise and super easy to use plugin options panel.

Responsive and Slider Showcase

Every layouts of Team Showcase you can choose how many columns you want to display. The Columns will be responsive and adapt in different screen sizes. By using owl carousel so that you can slide your team members. You can activate or deactivate previous next and indicator icons of owl carousel with custom size, position, color etc. members can display there designation separately.

Team member Details

Using Team Showcase, you can show team member details separately. By activating popup option, you can display your team member details with nice custom design and also available the feature of popup option appearance. We have added tinymce editor in member details section so that you can style team member like bold, italic, underline, blockquote, bulleted list, numbered list, align, anchor link etc.

Custom Label and Social Icon

Team Showcase offers unlimited label and 15+ social link icons for every team member. Using label, you can add email, telephone, mobile number, fax etc and easily maintain the ordering of these label. In social link icon, you can customize icon size, text color, background color, hover text color, hover background color etc.

Live Preview

Team Showcase has live preview option of your items. Every time you make any change with your Team Showcase item you can see the live preview at the bottom portion of the admin page. You don’t need to copy the shortcode into the page/post to see the preview. You can also customize live preview background color. This is a great advantage of working with a plugin like Team Showcase.

Features Added

  • Display Team member in grid view.
  • Display Team member in slider view.
  • Team member name font color, size & family.
  • Team member name font Hover color.
  • Team member Designation font color, size & family.
  • Team member Designation font Hover color.
  • Team member Social links font color & size.
  • Team member Social links font Hover color.
  • Customize the margin
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Fully Responsive
  • 6 Different layout with 16 exclusive design
  • Shortcode
  • Social links (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ etc)
  • Output your team members anywhere with the shortcode [wpm_team_showcase]
  • Easy to setup

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