TP Backup Automator

Backup & Restore your WordPress data and keep it safe.

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Regularly backing up your site is one of the most necessary things to avoid losing all your data.
Every year, thousands of websites suffer from malicious codes, data loss, and service attacks.

Therefore, backups can save you in hazardous situations when your site gets attacks or you accidentally lock yourself out.
TP Backup Automator is an effective plugin that allows the easiest and richest features for creating backup archives of your entire site and database.
With TP Backup Automator, it is not only data backup and restoration, but also keep your website safer.

Why TP Backup Automator?

  1. 100% FREE TP Backup Automator. Now you can backup and restore your database without any fee.
  2. Trustworthiness. TP Backup Automator supports backups to the server in the best way. Your data will be stored safely and everlastingly.
  3. One-click Backup/Restore. No technical knowledge required. The backup/restore can be automatically processed with just a single click.
  4. Save backup time. This is the huge difference compared to other backup plugins. TP Backup Automator will auto-save all changed data, instead of the whole data on your website. Thus, this can significantly save your backup time, and the storage as well.
  5. Unlimited storage. There is no limit for storing your data, so you can backup the data as much as you want.
  6. Super restoration. You can select which components of a backup to restore. And your data can be restored quickly (both file and database backups).
  7. Full support. 24/7/365 support from the best WordPress support team to ensure the best operation of your site.