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Automatically share your WordPress posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Get more visitors to your website and keep your content alive.

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ROP is a must-have WordPress plugin created to help website administrators boost their website traffic, grow their social media followers and keep their existing followers engaged by automatically sharing posts and content from their WP site to their social media networks.

Over 40,000+ WP site owners trust Revive Old Posts as the go-to social media automation and scheduling plugin for WordPress.

Save time in your social media marketing efforts, add some social media automation to your workflow by using Revive Old Posts.

Who Is Revive Old Posts For?

  • Persons with small blogs or websites (ROP can share posts as well as pages and any other custom post type e.g Recipes, Books, Products etc)

  • Large blogs and sites with thousands of posts or e-commerce products

  • E-Commerce online stores

  • Social media marketers

  • Hobby bloggers

Thinking of ways to grow your business? Read why Social Media is Important.

How Can Revive Old Posts Help Me?

ROP can be used for many use cases and help many different blogs and sites boost their social media traffic by introducing social media automation functionality to WordPress, it can act as all of the following in one:

A WordPress Social Media Scheduling Plugin

With our plugin, you can set a schedule for how often you’d like your old and newer content to share to social media a feature 100% FREE.

Set how many hours should be between posts or go deeper into scheduling (PRO) by setting the time of day and days of the week you’d like the plugin to post to social media.

A WordPress Social Media Auto post Plugin

Just finished writing an awesome blog post? Why wait until it gets shared? Automatically post to social media as soon as you click the publish button!

Auto posting is a handy feature for users who want to share to social media as soon as they’re done creating their content.

A WordPress Social Media Analytics Plugin

Tired of manually adding UTM tags to posts to track the source of your traffic?

With ROP, shares to social media automatically include UTM tags to help you identify which included social networks your traffic is coming from.

Easily see how much social media auto posting is helping with your website traffic inside Google Analytics.

A WordPress Content Curation Plugin

Social media marketing can be a tedious job, especially when it comes to deciding what content to share to social networks.

With our plugin, it is possible to implement curation capabilities by filtering out the posts you don’t want to share to social media, with just a few clicks.

Once set, the plugin will then be able to determine which content to auto share to social media.

Revive Old Posts isn’t like every other social media marketing tool. We’ve tailored its features while keeping the following in mind:

  • Sustain and grow website traffic
  • Grow social media following
  • Keep existing social media followers engaged
  • Promote and share evergreen content

The plugin can automatically share posts from:

  • WordPress to Facebook page
  • WordPress to Facebook Groups [Pro]
  • WordPress to Twitter
  • WordPress to Instagram [Pro]
  • WordPress to Linkedin Profile [Pro]
  • WordPress to Linkedin Page [Pro]
  • WordPress to Tumblr [Pro]
  • WordPress to Pinterest [Pro]

Some of the available networks and features require the Pro version of the plugin. Check out the free vs pro table here.

What Can I Do with Revive Old Posts?

  • Automatically share old and new post to social media on autopilot. [Free]

  • Auto post to social media on blog post publish. [Free]

  • Choose the time between social media post shares. [Free]

  • Choose the number of posts that the plugin share to social media. [Free]

  • Choose the maximum and minimum age of posts eligible for sharing. [Free]

  • Create common hashtags for post shares. [Free]

  • Automatically generate hashtags for post shares from tags, categories or from custom fields. [Free]

  • Include links back to your site. [Free]

  • Compatible with URL Shorteners. Shorten the links for the content that you post to social media. [Free]

  • Exclude categories from sharing to social media. [Free]

  • Exclude specific posts from sharing to social media.

  • Integrate with Google Analytics to track your social media traffic increase. [Free]

And More! Try Revive Old Posts, see why it’s the best WordPress social media marketing tool to boost your site traffic and keep your followers engaged.

What’s Included in Pro?

Using the PRO version of Revive Old Posts unlocks a host of additional features to help improve social media engagement on your accounts as well as bring more social media traffic to your website.

Awesome features in Pro:

  • Support for WordPress Custom Post Types (WooCommerce Products, Recipes etc.)

  • Content Variations; Add multiple share variations to your posts, including custom images, ROP will automatically choose a variation to share!

  • WordPress to Instagram scheduling and auto post

  • WordPress to Facebook Groups scheduling and auto post

  • WordPress to LinkedIn Company Pages scheduling and auto post

  • WordPress to LinkedIn Profiles scheduling and auto post

  • WordPress to Tumblr scheduling and auto post

  • WordPress to Pinterest scheduling and auto post

  • Connect multiple social media accounts to WP

  • Add custom UTM tags for analytics to your social media shares

  • Share different content variations to your social networks

  • Add predetermined text infront or after your post content (Additional Text)

  • Add Magic tags to content variations

  • Magic tags support for “Additional Text” option

  • Automatically share images and video from your media library to your social networks (our users love this feature!)

  • Post as an image; share posts to social media as an image post instead of an article post.

  • Custom schedule; set the days of the week and times you’d like posts to share, social media scheduling simplified!

Post questions and issues on the Support Forum, We’d be happy to assist you!

Useful Resources

  • See where ROP is headed, check out the roadmap here.
  • For plugin documentation see here.
  • Read more about social media marketing on our blog.
  • Read more about WordPress on our blog.
  • Take a look at our other plugins see here.


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