Ultimate Captcha reCAPTCHA Plugin for WordPress

This is a free plugin to protect your WordPress website.

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Ultimate Captcha helps you to protect your website by controlling fake accounts, spam comments. This plugin prevents brute force logins on your WordPress website, also you can avoid fake accounts created by robots.

The plugin uses reCAPTCHA and it’s totally free. You can protect the following pages:

  • WordPress Login Page
  • WordPress Registration Page
  • WordPress Password Reset Page
  • WooCommerce Login Page
  • WooCommerce Registration Page
  • WooCommerce Password Reset Page
  • Post Comments


CLICK HERE to check the documentation.


Get professional support from our experts and pro features to take your site’s security to the next level with Ultimate Captcha WordPress Security.


Please note: Using Ultimate Captcha is free, reCAPTCHA is a Google product, we’re not charging for the integration with reCAPTCHA. The following features are improvements and they’re optional.

  • Password Strength – This add-on helps you to protect your users’ accounts by managing and monitoring the strength of their passwords.
  • AWeber – This will help you to start with your e-mail marketing campaign. It will add a checkbox to the registration form and ask users to register for your newsletter/e-mail list.
  • Custom Registration & Login Pages – This allows you to create custom registration, login and password reset pages. You can also override the default WP pages.