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Compress and optimize image,PDF,MP3 by w2e image compressor. Resize image, compress image by lossy/lossless image optimization. 1000 image Rollover

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Rollover credit ? No Signup/No API/No Limitation for FREE users. Instantly ready. Designed for SHARED HOSTING/small blogs/sites. Must try.
Minutely crafted for performance & superior quality image compression, 1000 credit/month(unused credit will be carried forward to next month always.MORE THAN SUFFICIENT FOR SMALL SITE/ Blog. Dont settle for free image optimizer try w2e that too FREE due to Rollover Credit. ). 24×7 friendly Chat, Lowest Pricing

Way2enjoy can resize, optimize or optimise and compress jpg, png, gif, pdf, mp3, svg, webp, mp4, avi, mov etc all image, music and video files while maintaining superior quality. It support svg upload to add svg, generate webp images,check google page speed score,smart crop, leverage browser caching, enable gzip compression, check server speed as well with W2E and improve seo and sales without loss of quality

1000 lossy or lossless rollover credit every month.5 star image compression Plugin to optimise image incl thumbs

Lots of images to optimize ? just schedule, W2E will optimize images in background

Enjoy lossless or lossy logic which ensures high quality compressed images. Large unoptimized images can slow down site load speed if images are not optimized with best image optimizer. If site is slow and images are large or unoptimized, let’s resize it and scale down to specified size and smush it with W2E.

WHY Way2enjoy is no1 choice for optimization need?

  • No speed and filesize Limits : Compress images without any limitation.
  • Compress jpg, png, gif(still or animated), svg, pdf, MP3 files with W2E
  • Optimize thumbnails generated by wordpress themes and featured images
  • Tailerd for shared hosting
  • Pixel-perfect optimization : using innovative tools and progressive rendering.
  • Automatically generate Webp images 100% free from jpg, png & gif files
  • webp images are 20-35% smaller so optimize png, gif & jpg in addition generate webp free with W2E
  • Best compression/quality ratio : Best compression /quality ratio using lossy / lossless technique.
  • free Optimization : 1000 images/month rollover free and high volumes can be purchased at Very small fee.
  • media, Nextgen and WooCommerce : optimize nextgen, woocommerce etc
  • compatible with WP Retina 2x, WP Offload S3, WP All Import, WP Media Folder, WPML, WPML Media Translation, styles etc.
  • Reduce Image Size : Reduce image size upto 90% in lossy cases.
  • lossless compression (without loss) & lossy compression (Minimal loss) technique.
  • optimize images automatically with powerful Way2enjoy Optimizer .
  • It optimizes all new upload automatically. compress image already existing on website from plugin dashboard using bulk optimization.
  • click on compress all and all uploaded images will start being optimized or allow w2e to run as per schedule to optimize all images
  • bulk optimization option allows to optimize multiple images with a single click.
  • reset and optimize images again: Changing width/height setting under resize image block ? then click on reset all images link. Optimized images meta data will be removed and can optimize images once again with new width/height as additional filter.
  • 550 old images are compressed by default. Compress images of entire site change the value of Optimize Old Images to higher no. This setting is available in resize image ++ block.
  • convert jpg, png, gif to webp images
  • It provides statistics like images optimized, balance etc.
  • 50% discount in optimization credits for NGO
  • It will resize image which is bigger than set dimension autmatically and compress image as well post resize.
  • Can deactivate auto optimizing of images on upload
  • set the pdf quality to get more compression. By deault best quality is set for pdf compression
  • built in music optimizer. set MP3 bit rate to get desired MP3 compression
  • optimize vector images like svg. nothing required for svg compression
  • featured images may be automatically resized before being compressed. Additional plugins like Imsanity, resize images not required
  • Skip optimized images
  • support svg images. upload svg and even optimize svg
  • multiple websites with a single API Key
  • W2E can optimize video files also
  • smart crop allows to crop area of interest
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Gzip compression
  • Check server speed
  • 24×7 Chat support : Chat with way2enjoy.
  • schedule image optimization: Lot of images? just use schedule feature to schedule 1/2/5/10/15/30/60 minute or 1 day and. W2E will process all images in background

Plugin includes WooCommerce and nextgen image optimization

W2E uses best algorithm and blazing fast servers to quickly compress image and optimize image and cuts all the unnecessary data without slowing down your website and helps to boost seo and performance.

Plugin scans every image you upload or already added and optimizes it.

Quality of compressed images can be changed from setting page of way2enjoy image optimiser.

Default(lossy) setting always ensures best image compression quality/size ratio but added as google pagespeed was recommending image compression for already optimized images.

Google pagespeed recommendation is based on quality 70 and not best for image quality(Good for speed as size will be less but visitor may not like. So choose Google or Visitor) so compress image based on default setting.

Only applicable for jpg optimizer and ignores png optimizer and gif optimizer output.

W2E can compress pdf. You can even compress mp3.

It will compress images and optimize them.Image compressor API.

Can compress jpeg, jpg, png, gif, pdf, mp3, mp4, avi, mov, mpeg etc and svg formats with Way2enjoy.

The faster site load means more Google, Bing, Yahoo and search engines love. Site will load faster and rank higher so compress pictures now with W2E.

Compatible with Media gallery or any slider.

We have used some functions from Imagify, Smush Image Compression and Optimization, EWWW, reSmush.it, ShortPixel, 10web – Image Compression plugin, Optimus, Compress JPEG & PNG images (Tinypng). Thanks to them .

Plugin can compress pdf, mp3 and optimize image files even if images aren’t listed in Media Library like those in galleries of NextGEN gallery, FooGallery, other galleries, sliders, WooCommerce, WP Retina 2x, WP Offload S3, WP All Import, WP Media Folder, WPML, all media gallery, slider or added directly via FTP!.

Both lossy and lossless image compression is available to optimize photos.

Test image compression here
We care about the quality and our algorithm takes care of photographers and they can optimize jpg. Logo/icon designer can optimize png and animation experts can optimize gif without any hesitation.

Optimized images ensure better user experience, better PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix results, better seo, better Google PageRank so optimize pictures now.

W2E can reduce image size of jpg, png, svg, gif, mp3, mp4, mov and pdf file types.

JPG Optimization Level

compress jpg images with either of these two.Default is lossy. Available for two types of image compression:
* lossless
* lossy

PNG Optimization

compress png images with either of these two.Default is lossy:
* lossless
* lossy

GIF Optimization

compress gif images with either of these two.Default is lossy:
* lossless
* lossy

PDF Optimization Level

compress pdf with either of two.Default is lossy:
* manual
* lossy

Webp Generation from jpg, png & gif images

Generate webp images with lossy compression

Smart Crop Image

crop images smartly.


Try lossy method for photo optimization instead of conversion.

PNG to JPG conversion
JPG format is preferred format for high-resolution photographs and images. Plugin uses lossy logic so minimal image data is lost during image compression

JPG to PNG conversion
PNG uses lossless compression. It is preferred format of graphics designers who uses it for logos and pictures with transparent backgrounds.

JPG to WebP conversion
WebP images are 25-34% smaller images on average and can speed up website. JPG to WebP conversion is lossy, Generate webp free.

PNG to WebP conversion
PNG to WebP conversion is lossless. WebP images are 26% smaller in size on average so make your website faster but remember webp is not supported by all browser.Generate webp free.

GIF to PNG conversion
PNG uses lossless compression. Recommended for logos and pictures with transparent backgrounds. Animated GIFs cannot be converted.

Quick start tutorial:

= About Way2enjoy image minifier=
* Automatically optimize image, mp3, all video formats, svg and pdf files.
* Bulk optimization of existing media library.
* Resize images by setting maximum width / height
* Multisite support.
* No file size limits.
* mp3 optimizer
* Automatically generate webp images from jpg, png and gif images
* inbuilt video optimizer to compress video files like MP4, MPEG, MOV, AVI and all other extension
* Upload svg support and optimize them
* Schedule image to process images in background.

W2E can compress svg (lossy) ,You can enable svg support in our plugn.