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Cart Notices

Developed by SkyVerge

Convert More Sales by Displaying Dynamic Notices during Checkout

WooCommerce Cart Notices helps you easily and effectively increase sales and customer satisfaction by displaying dynamic, actionable messages to your customers as they check out. Leverage proven tactics to increase conversions so that you earn more from customers you already have, and let them know of sales and promotions to improve the shopping experience.

Now you can encourage your customer to add just one more item with a message offering free shipping based on the amount in their cart. Or, create urgency to close that sale with a notice like “Checkout within the next 10 minutes and your order ships today!” Easily create as many notices as you’d like based on a particular product or product category in the cart, or using other criteria.

WooCommerce Cart Notices - Deadline Notice

Displaying dynamic messages is a proven way to engage customers, make special offers, or nudge customers to buy more or get related products. Messages can even be displayed anywhere on your site thanks to a number of helpful shortcodes!

WooCommerce Cart Notices Create Notice
Create a Cart Notice

What can Cart Notices do for my store?

  • Display custom messages to your customers on the cart and checkout pages
  • Add messages anywhere on your site shortcodes are allowed (for example, display promotion notices at the top of a shop or category page)
  • Improve sales and average order value by encouraging spending to receive benefits – giving customers a reason why they should spend more can result in a 50% increase in up-sells!
  • Display dynamic notices with the use of message variables. For example, you can set a minimum amount for free shipping, and the message dynamically displays the difference the customer needs to add to their total to qualify!
  • Set minimum and maximum quantities for discounts using the “Product in Cart” notice
  • Optionally add a call to action button/URL to encourage your customers to perform the desired action

Choose from Five Different Notice Types

  • Current order amount – Useful for encouraging additional purchases to qualify for free shipping or to receive a free gift. Set any minimum amount you want, and find a way to encourage customers to hit it!
    WooCommerce Cart Notices - minimum amount notice
  • Deadline – Great for encouraging customers to checkout within the next X minutes to have their order ship today or purchase before a sale expires. Setting deadlines creates a sense of urgency that will help you close sales.
    WooCommerce Cart Notices - Deadline Notice
  • Referer – Display a notice based on the site the customer came from to personalize the shopping experience.
    WooCommerce Cart Notices - Referer Notice
  • Products in Cart – Display a notice based on the products in the cart. Cross-sell your related products and appear helpful to customers at the same time. Who wouldn’t like the reminder to buy batteries for their brand new camera, or to get a slick case for that new laptop? Or, use the minimum and maximum quantity notifications to let customers get a discount by adding a certain number of units. Help your customers spend more!
    WooCommerce Cart Notices - Product in Cart Notice
  • Categories in Cart – Display a notice based on the product categories contained in the cart for further cross-selling capabilities. Recommend similar items to improve the shopping experience.
    WooCommerce Cart Notices - Category in Cart Notice

Easy Setup and Configuration

Create and manage all notices from one menu:

WooCommerce Cart Notices view notices
View, Edit, or Disable Notices

How to Get Started

  1. Buy this extension 🙂
  2. Download and install into your WooCommerce store (see the full documentation for more help)
  3. Setup a few notices under WooCommerce > Cart Notices
  4. That’s it! Sit back and enjoy higher sales and happier customers!

Need any more reason to buy? When you purchase a SkyVerge-developed extension, you’re getting the highest quality extensions for your WooCommerce store. Gain peace of mind by knowing that when you purchase our products, your store’s performance is as important to us as it is to you.

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