Ordoro Pro

Multichannel inventory management app with integrated shipping, business analytics, and an open API.

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Multichannel inventory management

Ordoro is your centralized inventory master. It maintains a master list of inventory quantities, and continuously monitors and adjusts inventory changes based on sales, purchase order receipts, sale of bundled items, and other events that affect inventory.

All your sales channels are automatically kept up to date with the accurate inventory available for sale. If you are running low on inventory, the app alerts you to restock by creating purchase orders and sending them to your vendors. Merchants can set rules on how products are fulfilled – either in house or dropshipped from vendors, or even fulfilled by an outsourced warehouse such as Amazon FBA.


Integrated shipping

Ordoro seamlessly connects to all your WooCommerce stores and marketplaces to pull in orders so you can view them in a single console. In the background, it does several checks such as address verification and inventory availability for order fulfillment, and it displays the results in simple visual cues. With a couple of clicks you can split orders, create shipments, route dropship orders, print shipping labels and packing slips – one order at a time, or in batches.

Powerful shipping rules automate several repetitive tasks so you can process your orders efficiently. Ordoro sends shipping confirmation and tracking information back to the customers, and lets you print out end-of-day scan forms for better shipping efficiency. Before you actually create a label from UPS, FedEx, USPS or Canada Post, Ordoro lets you compare shipping rates across all these shippers. It also passes on its deeply discounted postage rates (up to 67%) on to merchants.

Business Analytics

Since Ordoro connects to several entities in the merchants’ supply-chain, it is able to provide deep insights into metrics. These analytics not only paint a nice visual on the health of the business, but also provide actionable tasks to improve business performance. Merchants can find answers to questions like – what are the profit margins on my orders across vendors, what are my top selling products by channel, or what is my order fulfillment efficiency?

Ordoro does all this with an open API and a simple, yet powerful user interface designed with the merchant’s ease-of-use in mind. And to back it up, Ordoro’s customer success team based in Austin, TX is always happy to help merchants get the most value from Ordoro.