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Sage Pay

Developed by Andrew Benbow

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Two great payment gateways. That can easily be integrated into your web site. Enable one or both!

Option 1: Sage Pay Form A simple encrypted form submission post from your website to the Sage Pay systems, the shopper is transferred to a payment page for the card details to be securely captured.  Because Sage handles the payment process for you, no SSL certificate is required on your web site. After the customer completes the payment, the order is confirmed and the user is taken to the ‘Thank You’ page on your site.

Option 2: Sage Pay Direct now supports tokens and will allow your customers to save their card information for faster checkout. See here for more information

When using Direct the customer stays on your site for the entire transaction, so an SSL certificate is required.

Users will be given to option to pay using SagePay

Choose the gateway that’s right for you?

Sage Pay Form Sage Pay Direct
  1. Customer is redirected to SagePay to complete payment – simplifies PCI Compliance.
  2. SSL Certificate not required.
  1. Customer stays on your site for entire transaction.
  2. SSL Certificate required.
  3. Supports WooCommerce Pre-Orders extension.
  4. Supports WooCommerce Subscriptions extension.
  5. Supports refunds in WooCommerce admin

Sage Pay – What Sage customers say!

The Workplace Depot

“We convert approximately 5 times more customers than we did on the old website before we began using Sage Pay.”
Richard Bloomfield. Website Editor.

TrustPilot Review
“When a customer hands their credit card over to us, we just want the payment to go through, we don’t want to worry about it. Using Sage Pay’s Token system allows us to do that”
Colm Brady. TrustPilot.