SveaWebPay Gateway for Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Norway, Finland and Germany.

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Take payments using SveaWebPay

SveaWebPay Gateway is a plugin that extends WooCommerce, allowing you to take payments via SveaWebPay. This plugin utilizes the Credit Card, Part Payment and Invoice payment methods.

SveaWebPay is a great payment alternative for merchants and customers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.

How does it works?

This extension acts as three separate payment gateways; one for invoice payments, one for part payments and one for credit card payments.

Credit Card payments

  • When the order goes through, the user is taken to SveaWebPay to make a secure payment. After payment the user is taken back to your stores thank you page.

Invoice and Part Payment

  • The customer fills out his/her social security number/date of birth and place the order. SveaWebPay then makes a credit record of the customer.
  • The order is created in SveaWebPay’s system in the background, your customer never has to leave your website.
  • As a merchant you need to log in to SveaWebPay’s backoffice to approve/send the invoice when you have completed the order in WooCommerce.
SSL certificate For Credit Card Payments a SSL certificate is strongly recommended. If your site doesn’t hold a certificate the customer will, after a completed purchase, go from a secure connection to a unsecure one. In that case the customers browser propmts the customer with a question whether to continue or not. Would the customer then click cancel, the process does not continue. This does not occur if your server holds a certificate.