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  • Requires an account with Tradegecko, starting at $299 / month.
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The most popular inventory management software for WooCommerce

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3 reasons to love TradeGecko

  • Everything you need to manage your growing inventory operations
    Create Purchase Orders, stock takes, and adjustments that automatically update your store.
  • Start wholesaling online
    Create wholesale price lists for your SKUs, manage customer terms, discounts, and payments, and launch your own private B2B eCommerce Store.
  • Detailed Reporting and Analytics
    Start tracking your underlying costs and report on profits across your sales channels, SKUs, and customer base.

TradeGecko is designed to help your eCommerce businesses grow

We’ve designed TradeGecko from the bottom up to be easy to use and to easily integrate with your WooCommerce store. As your business grows and your operations grow in complexity, TradeGecko helps you manage everything in one place and focus on your growth.

  • Sell and list stock across multiple locations
  • Integrate multiple WooCommerce stores into one inventory system
  • Integrate your procurement and create Purchase Orders
  • Track batches and expiry dates for your products
  • Easily create and sell packs and kits
  • Integrated world class accounting systems Xero and Quickbooks Online
  • 24 hour email support across all our plans
  • Free Mobile app to create and manage orders, monitor inventory and CRM

Our Customers love TradeGecko. Their words, not ours.


We had lots of support from the team and it was not difficult to get it up and running! Since then, I’ve continued to be impressed with it, the levels of customer service, and the constantly evolving features. – Skin Elegance


We have integrated Woo to TradeGecko to Xero relatively seamlessly. We are very happy with the results. – Matthew MacDonald, WooCommerce developer and TradeGecko Partner

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