Wholesale Pricing WooCommerce

Wholesale Pricing WooCommerce

Set WooCommerce wholesale pricing depending on product quantity in cart.

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Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce plugin lets you set WooCommerce product pricing rules, when product price depends on product quantity in cart.

You can implement popular “buy more pay less” strategy, as well as less common “buy more pay more” pricing.

Pricing rules can be set for all products, or on per product basis.

You can use total cart quantity or product quantity.

Optionally you can set to apply wholesale discount only if no other cart discounts were applied.

Discounts can be set as percent from the original price, fixed discount, or set price directly on per product basis.

Additionally you can set different wholesale pricing options for different user roles.

If you want to display prices table on frontend, use [alg_wc_wholesale_pricing_table] and/or [alg_wc_product_wholesale_pricing_table] shortcodes.


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