WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout

WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout

The WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Editor breaks up the usual WooCommerce checkout form into multiple steps…

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The WooCommerce Multi Step Checkout Editor breaks up the WooCommerce checkout form into simpler sections. Fully compatible with our highly rated WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor, when used together you can create exactly the checkout page you wanted to ensure the best customer experience.

The Multi-Step Checkout Editor enables you to:

  • Break the WooCommerce Checkout form into multiple simple steps.
  • Rename the titles of each section as per requirement.
  • Supports customizations made with other checkout field editors and deeply integrated with our highly rated WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor.
  • Tested to work with most of the popular WordPress themes.
  • The plugin settings page has been designed to make customizations easy and intuitive.