Woocommerce Aweber Integration

Woocommerce Aweber Integration

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Using our woocommerce aweber integration plugin you can easily integrate your woocommerce store with aweber .

Powerful features :

1. Add contacts automatically to your aweber contact list when a new order is placed on your woocommerce store. You can use different contact lists for different products. You can set up seperate contact list for each different product . So you will be able to easily understand which person purchased which product and can send them product specific email .

2. You can add any tag to the contact automatically . You can set up different tags for different product . For example : you have a product in woocommerce called “Test product” . If someone purchase the test product , you can easily tag them as “Customer – Test product” or “Purchased test product” or any other tag you want . You can set up different tag for each different product.

3. You can use the tag to start any campaigns in aweber .

4. If contacts already exists in aweber , our plugin will automatically update the contacts with new records and tags. No duplicate contact issue.

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