WooRewards – Loyalty and Rewards program for WooCommerce

The best way to start a loyalty and rewards program for WooCommerce

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WooRewards is a free plugin for WooCommerce that helps you retain your customers. Set up your loyalty system in less than 5 minutes and start rewarding your customers.

Reward your customers loyalty

With WooRewards, you can easily set up your loyalty program. Choose how your customers earn points and the reward they receive when they sum enough points.

Advertise your customers about the points they have on your website. WooRewards will automatically generate WooCommerce coupons and send the details by email to your customers.

Settings made easy

WooRewards comes bundled with a specialized administration interface. This interface has been designed with “ease to use” and “intuitivity” in mind.

You can customize your emails and/or widgets in a few minutes, without any coding knowledge (html/css).

Help is provided everywhere to help you set up all the options you want. We also provide YouTube tutorials for each feature.

For more information, visit our website Long Watch Plugins – Documentation

WooRewards Features

  • Set points for money spent
  • Set points on orders
  • Set points on first order
  • Coupon Reward
  • Reduction Reward
  • Widget and shortcode to show points
  • Configurable emails
  • Wizard on first install to help getting started
  • Points and rewards history
  • Add/Remove Points per user/group
  • Translated in multiple languages : English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Finnish, German
  • Possibility to process past orders to give points
  • WPML Compatibility

WooRewards Pro, the next level

WooRewards Pro adds a ton of new features to WooRewards:

  • Infinite loyalty programs
  • 20+ ways to earn points
  • New reward types
  • Pre-configured systems and events with the Wizard
  • Badges and Achievements
  • Total WooCommerce integration
  • Lots of widgets and shortcodes

Test WooRewards Pro for free for 30 days : https://plugins.longwatchstudio.com/en/product/woorewards-en/

Infinite Loyalty programs

You can create as many loyalty programs as you want, working separately or together. For each program, choose between different options:

  • Standard or Levelling : Choose if people spend their points to unlock rewards or if they keep earning them to level up.
  • Permanent or Event : Choose if your loyalty program is always available or only for a certain period of time.
  • Share points : Choose if your loyalty program shares its points pool with another program or uses its own.

Once your loyalty program is created, you’ll be redirected to a clean and intuitive interface to set it up.

New ways to earn points

With more than 20 methods to earn points, you have lots of possibilities to engage your customers :

  • Place an order
  • Spend money
  • Sponsor a friend
  • Share on social medias
  • Click on social media shared link
  • Sponsored registers
  • Sponsored passes a first order
  • Review a product
  • Register on the store
  • Buy a specific product
  • Buy products from a category
  • Pass a first order
  • Birthday
  • Registration Anniversary
  • Visit a specific post, page or url
  • Use a referral link
  • Referred registers
  • Referred passes a first order
  • Easter Egg
  • Get one or more badges
  • Post a comment

New Rewards

Let your customers win new awesome rewards :

  • Free Product
  • Free Shipping
  • Permanent Discounts
  • Badges
  • Variable discount depending on the points spent
  • Custom rewards : You choose what to offer

Let the Wizard be your guide

WooRewards has a unique feature to guide you through the creation of your loyalty program : The Wizard.
With a growing range of prefabricated loyalty systems, all you have to do is follow the guide.
Select the feature you want to add, follow the wizard steps and voilà, your loyalty program is set.

Prefabricated loyalty systems range from special events such as Christmas, Black Friday or Easter to more in-depth systems like a bronze-silver-gold leveling system.
Each wizard has its own difficulty level and time needed information. You can choose to create simple systems or create more elaborate ones, but, with the Wizard, you’ll never get lost in the process.

Other Features

WooRewards Pro comes with a lot of other features like widget, shortcodes, emails and woocommerce integration :

  • WooCommerce My Account : Loyalty and Rewards page showing all details about your loyalty programs
  • WooCommerce My Account : Badges page where your customers can see the badges they own and their rarity
  • WooCommerce Product Page : Show potential earned points if they purchased the product
  • WooCommerce Cart Page : Show potential earned points if they validate the cart
  • Fully customizable widgets and shortcodes within our style generation tool or our theme selector.
  • Points expiration for inactivity on loyalty systems
  • Advanced settings for special needs
  • Points naming (text or image)
  • WPML Compatibility

Test WooRewards Pro for free for 30 days : https://plugins.longwatchstudio.com/en/product/woorewards-en/