WordPress Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts - the plugin for related posts with thumbnails. Caching included.

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Plugin Popularity 2.7
Author Activity 2.5
  • 🏂 Super good!! 87.94% users from more than 100,000 active installs are on the latest version!
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  • ❤️ Mindblowing! More than 153,210 people use plugins from this team.
  • 👷🏿 We think this plugin is not actively maintained, as there are no major udpates for over a year.
  • 📥 Seems like a popular plugin - 355 people download this plugin everyday.
  • 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 It takes two to tango! We found two people behind this plugin.
  • 🎂 This plugin is going to celebrate it's 15th anniversary after 2 months.


Quickly increase your readers’ engagement with your posts by adding Related Posts in the footer of your content. Automatically added Related Posts can increase your internal traffic up to 10%. Just install and activate. To attract attention and improve SEO, link out to Related Posts across the web from your compose screen. Search for posts and hand-pick them with ease. Recommendations are provided by Sovrn’s world-class semantic service. Plugin supports different styles, thumbnails, is fully customizable and includes caching for improved performance.

After installation, go to Settings -> Related Posts in your plugins list and Turn on Advanced Features!

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