WP Admin Access Notification with Telegram SMS

Our security plugin defends WordPress against unauthorized access by sending notifications right on your phone or tablet.

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Admin Access Telegram notification plugin monitors your administrator panel and sends you text message if someone is trying to acess your WordPress administrator’s area. It protects you from brute force attacks and sends notifications about successful and failed login attempts. It monitors logins made by login forms, XML-RPC requests and sends you alerts via Telegram as soon as someone is trying to login to your wordpress.

If someone wants to hack or bruteforce your password, you get alert right on your Telegram messenger. So you can prevent any attack on your wordpress control panel. Even if your computer got hacked and the passwords got stolen you will be notified about successfull and failed login attempts. You can take an action before hacker harm your website.

Main features:

  • Easy to setup
  • Get notifications right on your phone
  • WordPress hardening
  • Prevent hackers attacks
  • Prevent brute force attacks