WP Antivirus Website Protection and Website Firewall (by SiteGuarding.com)

WP Antivirus Website Protection and Website Firewall (by SiteGuarding.com)

All in one wordpress security bundle: website antivirus and web application firewall. Secure your wordpress blog with a few clicks.

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Absolutely unique WordPress security solution. All in one security plugin contains website antivirus and website firewall. It prevents all possible hackers attacks: brute force, zero day attack, SQL injections and many more. Secure your WordPress in a few mouse clicks. Our smart website antivirus helps you detect and remove malware and suspicious code from CMS core files, and our Web Application Firewall stops all possible attacks on your WordPress CMS. WordPress Firewall monitors activity on your website and alerting you quickly in the case your site has been compromised. Our security module monitors any suspicious activity on your blog and warn you if hack attempts on your WordPress website took part. There are a lot of additional modules available: geo and seo protection, brute force attacks prevention and many more.

Siteguarding Web Antivirus and Firewall is the fullest WordPress security plugin available. It contains a bunch of security modules to stop all common types of attacks on your website. Its absolutely free and open source. We also offer a Premium services to our customers: Fast Support, Website Protection, Website Security, Highly Secured Hosting, black list monitoring and a lot more. Click here to become Premium Customer or simply install WordPress Antivirus & Firewall plugin free and forget about hackers attacks.


  • Web Application Firewall stops all possible hackers attacks.
  • Website Antivirus scans WP core files for suspicious code
  • Security modules prevent different types of hackers attack
  • Real-time suspicious bots blocking and traffic monitoring
  • Block SQL injections and XSS attacks
  • Block aggressive crawlers and bots
  • Detects and removes malicious code
  • Prevents unathorized login to admin panel
  • 24/7 Traffic monitoring
  • Adds extra layer of security to admin login page
  • Scans core files, themes and plugins and detects suspicious code
  • Detects and removes backdoors on your website
  • Scans for security holes.
  • Daily virus database updates
  • Deep suspicious files analysis