WP GDPR Cookie Consent

WP GDPR Cookie Consent

The Most Light-Weight, Simple and Complete GDPR Cookie Consent WP Plugin.

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What WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin Do?

WP GDPR Cookie Cookie Consent is a WordPress plugin which will do the followings:

  • A highly customizable consent builder to build your cookie conset banner from backend and you can control where the content banner will show. You can show your consent banner at the top, bottom, left-bottom or right bottom.
  • You can fully customize the colors, texts, Button color, button texts etc.
  • You can set how many days the cookie will be saved for accept and for decline.
  • Users can easily click “Accept” button to provide consent.

Why This Plugin is better than other plugins?

There has many other plugins who do the same job. The reason, I build this plugin because. Almost all of them failed to build this simple cookie consent in terms of simplicity, performance and page speed effect. For an example, most of the plugins load multiple js and css file for every page load. It does not matter if the user accepted or not. Some plugin send “Ajax Requests” for every page load which is expensive for your server and overall site perfomance.
The aim of this plugin is to do this job correctly. It does not make any sence, why those plugins load their assets once user provide consent because after consent those plugins don’t have anything to do.

Here what I have improved in this plugin and I can say better than other cookie plugin.

  • This plugin load only one js file ( 1KB Size ) and no css file will be loaded.
  • If a user provide a consent then, No JS file will be loaded for that user.
  • That’s it. This plugin will not make your site slower like other plugins.

Switch Existing Cookie Plugin with WP GDPR Consent Plugin

I used few different cookie consent plugin for my sites and it’s hard to switch cookie plugin because then all users have to consent again and I see that’s a problem.
I have solved this problem in this plugin. If you use one of the plugins as listed bellow then then this plugin will read cookie added by your existing plugin and will not show consent because those users already gave consent.
If you are using the following plugins for cookie consent then you can just switch with this plugin without any issue for your existing users:

  • GDPR Cookie Consent By WebToffee
  • Cookie Notice for GDPR By dFactory
  • GDPR Cookie Compliance By Moove Agency
  • Cookie Consent By Catapult_Themes

If you are using other plugins and want to move to this plugin just open a ticket with your currently using plugin name and we will add feature for that.


Once Install and Activate go to Tools -> WP GDPR Consent and configure your settings. That’s it. All your users will see the consent.

Awesome Support

Get dedicated support from our awesome happiness managers and developers and Yes! It’s completely free.

So, give this plugin a try and check the awesome powerful features and table styles, Let us know what you loved and what else you need more.