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Let’s face it, no one really trusts testimonials unless they can verify the source. When they see this testimonial slider they’ll know the reviews are coming from TripAdvisor.
This is a great way to increase SEO while building user confidence! You work hard for your 5 star TripAdvisor reviews, now you can easily display them on your WordPress site in a Post, Page, or Widget!

Some of the Features:

  • Sliders are awesome! Now you can easily create one with your TripAdvisor reviews.
  • Don’t like sliders? No worries, you can easily display a grid or rows.
  • Mobile friendly responsive design.
  • Download your newest 10 TripAdvisor reviews and display in a Post or Page with a shortcode or template code.
  • The plugin automatically checks for new reviews every day.
  • Add a TripAdvisor slider as a widget as well!
  • Create multiple templates for different parts of your site!
  • Each template can be customized and you can even add Custom CSS.
  • Template display options like: border radius, show/hide date, show/hide star rating, background and text colors.
  • Hide the reviews that don’t have any text.
  • Sort the reviews randomly or by newest.
  • Show mulitple TripAdvisor reviews per a row and even have mulitiple rows.

Check out our other free versions!

Pro Version features:

  • Super fast support through email and a forum built in to the plugin.
  • Download and display your Facebook Page, Google, & Yelp reviews as well.
  • Create a really cool summary badge of your reviews!
  • Front end submission form.
  • Floating Badges and Reviews, with a cool review slideout on click!
  • Load More button for pagination of reviews!
  • Get email notifications when new low reviews are found.
  • More date display options (MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YY, DD/MM/YYYY, YYYY-MM-DD, DD Mmm YYYY, Time Since)
  • Hide or show individual reviews.
  • Manually insert reviews to display.
  • Click a button and save all your reviews to your computer in a CSV file.
  • Slider pauses when on mouse hover.
  • Advance the slider with a finger slide on mobile.
  • More Template styles!
  • Advanced slider controls like: Autoplay, slide animation direction, hide navigation arrows and dots, adjust slider height for each slide.
  • Hide low rated reviews.
  • Display a summary of your review ratings in a Google Search Result. You can automatically create the correct review snippet markup!
  • Fully adjustable read more link.
  • Pick and choose which reviews to show per a template!
  • Display reviews by a certain type or mix them all together on one slider (Facebook, Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, manually input).
  • Access to all new feature we add in the future.