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Ultimate CSV Importer provides all the necessary Import and Export features in one bundle with…

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Ultimate CSV Importer provides all the necessary Import and Export features in one bundle with simplified steps to follow. Note the added export, woocommerce and User import are available as addons. You have to install to use these features.

How to import data to your WordPress?

There are 3 simple steps to follow,

  1. Upload your CSV/XML file.
  2. Relate or map your CSV fields with WP fields using drag and drop or simple left/right pick list method.
  3. Click import once done.

There are more features bundled to make even complicated post data import simplified.

1.Upload your CSV

  • Upload your CSV file from different sources like desktop, FTP/SFTP, remote URLs or a location from your host server.
  • CSV, Zip, txt and XMl data (pro) file types supported.
  • Once uploaded, choose New items if you want to import as new posts.
  • Choose existing option in case to import the data to update or replace existing posts records.
  • Pick a post type like Post, Page, Custom Post, Comments or any other from the drop down.
  • This is under which post type your data get imported.
  • It can be a complete post content replacement or partial update like selected set of fields for each post in CSV.
  • Click continue button.

2.Relate or map your CSV fields to WP fields

In mapping section, CSV Importer plugin allows you to relate the uploaded data set against WordPress fields. There are two methods available to relate your data set.

  • A simple left and right drop downs that allows you to map CSV field with the related WordPress fields.
  • You can choose each field from left side and assign a field from right to where it should go.

Drag ‘n’ Drop method

  • You can visually drag field by field from the right side bar and drop it to post create view like place holder.
  • For e.g. you can drag title filed and drop it under post title box.
  • To make it easier you can see both field label and sample record in side bar, which allows you to understand how data placed.
  • In top side bar header, you can rotate this sample records by choosing a row item no. in case the default sample data is not helpful.

3. Click Import

  • Once the mapping completed, click import to start the import process.
  • In import view, you can pause and resume the import process.
  • A section shows post count and status of successful imports with a timer.
  • A log section shows you detailed real time log of the process step by step.
  • Log is downloadable using the link provided.

What can you import in WordPress

Core Modules – Post, Page, Custom Post, Comments.
Users – Import Users add-on to import your WordPress Users
Custom Post – CPT UI, Custom Press and default WordPress Custom Post.
Custom Field – WordPress default Text and Text area fields.
SEO field – Free version of All in One SEO.
Reviews – WP Customer Reviews


  • High performance, much comparable & much faster than all the other available plugins.
  • Can handle 1000s of records on the fly.
  • Supports WordPress Custom Fields, Custom Press fields, WP Customer Reviews and All in One SEO fields.
  • Media images from any external URL like Google Images, pixabay, shutterstock, or any domain you own can be imported.
  • Image import processed from the background using WP-CRON to improve the performance.
  • Import with duplicate handling for optimized database.
  • Free add-on to Import Users to upload user info into WordPress.
  • WordPress core custom fields registered dynamically on the flow of CSV import.
  • Post type import with terms & taxonomies with any of depth of parent-child values.
  • WordPress multisite import supported.
  • Post Type CSV import along with multi category & multi tag.
  • Import CSV with any delimiter in UTF-8 format can be imported.
  • Free export add-on to export all your WP content in CSV file.

Important Notes

  • Featured image import from any publicly accessible external URL.
  • All languages supported by WordPress imported in UTF-8 without BOM format.

Other useful tools

  • Dashboard
  • General settings >> Scheduled log emails, send password in users get imported etc.
  • Database optimization
  • Security and performance monitoring
  • Manager >>File manager, log manager
  • Support >> Documentation

Premium Features

  • CSV and XML import
  • Reusable Mapping Templates with Template manager
  • Smart Schedule/Recurring Import to run import periodically without any manual interaction.
  • Toolset Types Import – Custom fields, Post Relation, Intermediate post, Repeatable Field & Repeater Field Group support
  • Multilingual import – support for the import of WPML & qTranslate X add-on
  • WooCommerce product import along with six WooCommerce add-on
  • Handles Custom Fields of ACF (FREE & Pro), Types, Pods and WordPress fields with the flow of import
  • Import history i.e. detailed log maintained in the Log manager.
  • Import all the supported features with Rest API.
  • Extendable for your needs with API.



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