WPLotto - Wordpress Lottery Plugin

WPLotto - Wordpress Lottery Plugin

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WP Lotto is a Online Lottery Wordpress Plugin. its a Standerd custom Lottey Plugin made for those people who wants to start there own lottery website with wordpress. Lotto Support 16+ Most popular online payment method including Bitcoin. Its Suitable for Online Lotto, Professional Lottery, Daily Lottery and Jackpot.

Features Included:

  • Fully Customizable
  • Lightweight
  • No Conflict With Another
  • Asset Optimized
  • Wordpress 3.x, 4.x support
  • Well Documented Code
  • Hassle free
  • Initial Data Imported
  • Plug And Play
  • Bullet Proof Security
  • Miner Package Management.
  • Miner Price.
  • Deposite Management.
  • Withdrawal Managemnt.
  • 16+ Payment Method.
  • Deposit Logs.
  • Transectional Logs.
  • Unit Management.
  • Hash Management.
  • Easy to Purchase.
  • And More…


[currency] (Get System Currency):
Available attribute is type. supported value of type is name and symbol. EX: [currency type=”symbol”]

[lottos] (Generate a table):
Available attribute is status, limit, offset, order, order-by, date-format. (EX: [lottos order=”DESC” order-by=”price”]) supported values
  • status=”1|3|-1” 1 means running, -1 means jackpot, 3 means expired. default is 1
  • limit=”10” any numeric value. default is 9999999
  • offset=”10” any numeric value. default is 0
  • offset=”10” any numeric value. default is 0
  • order=”ASC|DESC” default is ASC
  • order-by=”id|price|start|end” default is id
  • date-format=”d M, Y” default is d M, Y

[draws] (Generate a table):
Available attribute is type, lot-id. (EX: [draws type=”all”]) supported values
  • type=”all|recent|single” default is all
  • lot-id=”1”, lotto id. If draw type is single then it will be used for getting lotto draw results. default is 0

Demo Access:

Demo Access: http://plugin.rexbd.net/wp-lotto/
User: lotto-admin | Pass: lotto-admin

Support Facility:

Please send us your product presale query, after sales developer support request, customization project and any other queries to our dedicated support: software@thesoftking.com