Wishlist for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin to create wishlist for Users and add products to wishlist accordingly.

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A wishlist is an E-Commerce feature that enables shoppers to create desired list of products they want to buy and save them in their user account for future reference, thus improving the customer’s shopping experience.

E-Commerce store owners can analyze the effectiveness of their overall marketing efforts by tracking which items end up in the customers wish lists. This way they can easily identify the current trends and improve their trading techniques.

Customers can save their valuable time by adding their desired products to wishlist and purchase it at a later time.

WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin provides these functionalities by allowing users to add and manage their favourite products in their wishlist.

Features of Wishlist for WooCommerce:

  • Add products to Wishlist from product page.

  • Use shortcode [wt_mywishlist] for wishlist in any page.

  • Manage wishlist from my account page.

  • Manage customer Wishlist and settings at Admin level.

  • Tested OK with WooCommerce 3.4.5

Importance of WooCommerce Wishlists Plugin

While strolling around a shopping mall or street you must have seen things that you wished to buy so badly but couldn’t because you were short of money or something else. What do you do then? You make a mental note to yourself to remind you to buy it later. But if you are visiting an online shopping store you have a better way to deal with it by creating wishlists; an option to add to wishlist

Wishlist is a list of products that customers save for purchasing later. It is one of the important features of an e-commerce store regardless of its size. It does a lot more than just creating a list. Even though wishlist appears to be a feature that helps customers to purchase comfortably, it helps the store owner much more than that.

If you own a WordPress / WooCommerce store, a WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin can easily enable the wishlist feature for you. You can install add to wishlist plugin to enable a wishlist icon in the product page.

Benefits of the wishlist for customers

  • They can save their favorite products by adding to wishlist
  • Saves browsing time – When customers have already saved their favorite products to a wish list for future references they will not have to spend more time browsing for it.
  • Share wishlist- Customers can choose to keep the list private or public. In order to make your list public, you can share it via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Sharing the list saves a headache for your family and friends while choosing a gift for you.
  • No expiry – Wishlist doesn’t expire, their list of items remain as long as those items are visible in the store.
  • Frequent reminding – They get reminded often by the store admin via email or text about wishlist so that they will not forget to purchase the listed items.

Benefits of the wishlist for store

  • Traffic – When a wishlist is shared it increases the number of visitors thereby increasing traffic.
  • Manage stock – Wishlists helps the store admin anticipate the stock level.
  • To promote an item – The data about who is saving, the wishlist item, area helps to promote an item which in turn helps in sales of that particular item.
  • Customize marketing campaign – Data derived from wishlists help customize your marketing campaign in order to promote a certain product or to appeal to a certain group of individuals in a particular area.
  • Fewer returns – Wishlists include products that the customers really want ie; they gave enough time over the decision to purchase the product by putting it on the wishlist. Thus returns will be very less compared to an instant purchase.
  • Increases sale – Persuading potential customers to purchase by providing discounts and offers on the items of their wishlist will increase the sales revenue.
  • Wishlist is the best way to know your customer’s likes and dislikes and keep them attracted to your store forever. Therefore timely analysis of wishlists and putting those conclusions to develop marketing strategies will help a long way in the growth of your business.

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